How To Get in Touch With New Colleagues

January 8, 2015
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Coffee. Coffee is our best friend during the workday, right? It not only helps you stay awake, but also allows you to meet new people every time you visit the “energy station.” You can guess what’s coming next. Yesterday, I met this cute new colleague at the coffee machine. We talked a bit, but both of us had to quickly go back to work. Typically, this is where it gets sad, because you don’t know in which department she works or how to stay in contact.

Finding your co-workers via TeamViewer

Luckily, I work for a great company that offers tools with a great feature set. One of those features saved my life (regarding my social connections). Let me introduce you to “finding-colleagues-and-nearby-devices-with-TeamViewer”.

With TeamViewer 10, you can find your colleagues and nearby devices that also use TeamViewer. Add your new contacts directly to your Computers & Contacts list or send chat messages to let them know that you are out there willing to participate in the teamwork stuff (or to meet at the coffee machine).

Open the 'Nearby' window from within your Computers & Contacts list.
Find TeamViewer contacts and devices within your network.

How to find nearby contacts and devices

Open the “Nearby” window from your Computers & Contacts list. All contacts and devices are displayed with name and profile picture. Via the context menu, you can call up further interactions:

For your convenience, you may disable the “Nearby” feature if you do not want to be found.

PS: You might be curious about what’s up with this new colleague. All I can say is, we now use TeamViewer’s great expanded chat feature.

Want to test this feature yourself? Then download your free trial today!

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