Remote Control Your TV – And that is something new?

February 25, 2016
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I guess nobody will get too excited if I tell you that with TeamViewer, you can now remote control your TV. You might even think: “Remote Control – was that not a thing of the 80s?”

So, yes of course. Remote controlling is nothing new. However, what we offer now with the new preinstalled QuickSupport App on Philips Smart TVs is a lot more revolutionary, as you can now remote into the “system”.

I‘m not sure about you, but when I got my first Smart TV it was quite a hassle to get it going. I had three different remote controls, did not really know which button to press and somehow, between my husband and myself, we did not manage to get the sound to work on our Dolby Surround System.

The first night, my husband tried to get it to work. To begin with he was relatively calm. He kept looking for the right setting and played around with the remote control. However, after one hour, he began to lose patience…

Now, you have to understand, my husband is one of the most relaxed and Zen people I have met in my life. Yet, at some point, he started to get frustrated. And then after two hours he started to get anxious: “Why is this not working, this is freaking me out.”

After three hours, I dared not to talk with him at all. He was furious. I mean, the only thing he wanted to do is set up the sound for the Dolby Surround System. But it just did not work. At some point, he very madly gave up and went to bed.

No-one could “see” my Smart TV

And then came the second day. I thought, well, let’s talk to my friends at work, I am sure someone will know, they are all really techy… And I received a lot of good advice which I took home.

That night, I tried to fix the TV/Dolby Surround setting. I tried everything they told me, but there was one fundamental problem. No-one was there and could actually “see” the system and what I was doing on my TV.

Unfortunately, I did not get it to work either. I started googling in all sorts of forums and tried a million different things. My husband stayed calm that night. But me, I started getting more and more frustrated the later it got.

How could that be? I was pretty sure it was just one small click, one little thing we had to change. But I could not find it… Shortly after midnight, I decided to give up and give it a go the next day. Yet, I could not let go of that feeling of dissatisfaction that I just did not get things to work…

I needed someone to help

The next day, I realized that this could not go on anymore. And I asked for help. One of my most valuable co-workers, Fabian Schenk, then offered to come by and help me set it up on the weekend.

Until then, my husband and I had to put up with not using our new great Dolby Surround System, and we were reminded of the fact that we had failed to get it to work every time we turned on the TV…

On Saturday, Fabi came by and of course, like we expected, it took him literally 20 minutes to find the right button. And we were so relieved: Finally, after 5 days of waiting and dissatisfaction, we could enjoy our new home theatre like we wanted to. And we will always remember what he did for us!

Now, where am I going with this?

Had we been able to purchase a TV with the preinstalled QuickSupport app, this would have saved us a lot of time and nerves.

With the new QuickSupport app for Philips Smart TVs, we can just contact a supporter and they can get everything in place. And we can watch our favorite shows in peace…

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