TeamViewer Monitoring & Asset Management for Linux

Remote Monitoring & Asset Management of Your Linux Devices with TeamViewer Remote Management

Maximum uptime, maximum productivity

Stay ahead of problems with TeamViewer Monitoring for Linux

Monitor various aspects of your Linux devices, receive instant alarms as soon as one of your checks fails, and act before the little things turn into bigger problems. Avoid costly downtime by scheduling maintenance work in advance, instead of simply reacting to problems and service calls.

Unlimited Checks

Create as many checks as you need, and configure different thresholds, alert recipients, and more.

Individual Policies

Create individual TeamViewer Monitoring policies to accommodate the various needs of your clients, departments, or single devices.

Instant Alerts

You will be notified as soon as one of your checks fails. Customize your alerts to make sure the correct person gets the right alert at the right time.

Email Notifications

In addition to alerts in your TeamViewer client, you can set email notifications to go out as soon as a check fails.

Monitor critical system aspects of your Linux devices

TeamViewer Monitoring for Linux lets you monitor important aspects of your Linux devices.


Disk Space

Triggers an alert as soon as the available space on a disk falls below a set threshold.


CPU Usage

If the average load of a processor exceeds the set threshold, an alert is generated.


Online State

Should a device go offline, an alert will be triggered.



Notifies you if a specified process is or is not running.


Memory Usage

Get an alert when the average available memory falls below the set threshold.


Asset Management and Asset Tracking

Visibility into Your IT Systems

TeamViewer Monitoring comes with an elegant Asset Management solution that allows you to keep track of your deployed assets, and gain insight into your IT infrastructure.

Track deployed hardware and software

Create comprehensive inventory lists in no time! List hard- and software across all of your Linux devices in your network within seconds from one convenient dashboard.

Know more about the devices you support

Get valuable information about your supported devices upfront. Know what Linux distribution they are running, the internal and external IP addresses, hardware in use, and much more!

System Requirements

  • Debian 9 or higher
  • TeamViewer Host or full version (TeamViewer 14.1.9025 or higher)

TeamViewer Monitoring Fact Sheet

Please find detailed technical information about TeamViewer Monitoring in the PDF attached:

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