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ITbrain – Anti-Malware Features

Learn how ITbrain delivers a simple and safe anti-malware solution, that you can deploy and maintain through your TeamViewer infrastructure.

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ITbrain Anti-Malware provides you with a convenient, yet powerful way to protect your systems against malicious programs, such as viruses trojans, worms and spyware.

Since it’s deployed and maintained through your existing TeamViewer infrastructure, It’s easy to get started and to monitor your systems.

You can create custom anti-malware policies, allowing you to select the depth of the scan to be performed, and you determine what should be scanned, in case you only want to scan a specific hard drive or folder. You can create a schedule that runs scans any time of the day making sure your anti-malware works within your scheduling requirements. And, you can enter email addresses that will receive alerts if there is an issue.

ITbrain Anti-Malware also provides you with real-time scanning, checking every file that is accessed for potential threats. ITbrain keeps your systems persistently secure.

With ITbrain Anti-Malware being controlled through the TeamViewer Management Console, you can remotely monitor all your systems, and even manually run scans. You can also see alert reports, giving you an overview of your security posture.

ITbrain Anti-Malware receives all new malware definitions directly from TeamViewer servers several times a day. This means that you can set up ITbrain Anti-Malware once on a system, and forget about, knowing that the end users are not required to activate the anti-malware software, or remember to install the updated definitions themselves.

ITbrain Anti-Malware, anti-malware kept simple and safe.

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