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ITbrain Monitoring Update: Configurable online state check, and more!

ITbrain is all about efficiency, and we are constantly adding new features to further improve your user experience.

  • Start & stop services and processes remotely
  • Configurable online state check
  • Device information section in device pop-up
  • One-click update

Start & stop services remotely

The new remote task manager now gives you the option to not only stop services and processes, but also to start them remotely, making supporting your clients easier and even more seamless.

Configurable Online State Check

This new feature allows you to determine whether you want to be notified immediately, after 5, or after 10 minutes, should a device go offline.


Device information section in device pop-up

ITbrain Monitoring now provides you with important device information upfront and without first connecting to the device. You will se the following information:

  • Computer name
  • Operating system
  • Processor, RAM
  • Domain
  • SInternal IP
  • External IP
  • Asset Tracking link
  • Remote Task Manager links
    • Show processes
    • Show services

One-click update

One-click updateThe new remote task manager, as well as the device information section in your device pop-up are only available with the new ITbrain Monitoring version. You need to update your devices manually to receive these features. With our newest update, you can do this with just one click!

Learn how to update all of your devices with just one click..

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