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NEW: Set Your Own File Retention Period for ITbrain Backup

It’s never a bad idea to have multiple versions of a backed-up file: it creates a history you can refer to, and the effort to re-create the file can be significantly reduced.

Each time a file is backed up, a new version is created in the ITbrain Backup cloud. Every single version of a file will be kept for a specific amount of time before it is purged. This amount of time is called the “file retention period” – and you can set it yourself!

Choose whether you want to keep single versions of your file for 10 days (that’s the minimum) or forever (which is obviously the maximum!).


How do I set my own file retention period?

    1. Log in to your ITbrain dashboard.
    2. Navigate to the ITbrain Backup tab.
    3. Click on “Global Settings” and set your desired file retention period.

Visit our community post to learn more about this feature.

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