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ITbrain for asset management

ITbrain makes it easy to keep track of your deployed devices. Learn more about some of the great features that make ITbrain a leading solution for asset tracking.

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ITbrain makes it simple to keep track of your deployed IT assets, all from one convenient web-based dashboard. With ITbrain activated on your devices, you’ll never loose oversight of your hardware or software again.

Create custom reports of all the software installed on your devices. You can see which version the software is and when it was installed or modified. With ITbrain, you’ll be able to know if inappropriate software has been installed or if you have two many copies of a certain application installed for your current license. ITbrain also lets you create custom reports based on the hardware of each device. You’ll be able to quickly see where specific pieces of hardware have been deployed, and what’s installed on all your systems. Plus, with ITbrain, you can print any of the reports, or export them to a CSV file making it easy to move this valuable information into your other programs. Have a look at our other videos to learn more about some of the other great ITbrain services.

ITbrain, IT management the easy way.

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