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ITbrain – Benefits for TeamViewer Users

ITbrain is a powerful IT management solution. Learn how ITbrain is seamlessly integrated into TeamViewer, allowing you to provide even greater support.

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The ITbrain management platform offers you monitoring and asset tracking for your deployed devices.

Developed by TeamViewer ITbrain is completely integrated into your TeamViewer experience. With ITbrain, you can pro-actively monitor devices from within TeamViewer.

Set up specific checks on the device such as online state, CPU usage, and disk space. Then, when a check fails, you’ll receive an alert notifying you of the issue. And, using the the Alert Report, you’ll have a great overview of your overall status in one convenient location. Know there’s an issue with your end-user’s device, before they do. ITbrain provides you with an elegant cloud-based asset tracking solution. With ITbrain activated on your devices, you’ll be able to generate reports on all your devices. Hardware, installed software, and more. With ITbrain’s inventory reports only one click away, you’ll never loose oversight of your deployed assets again. And since ITbrain is seamlessly integrated with TeamViewer, if there’s an issue you need to resolve on any of your devices, or simply need to provide support to the end-user, a TeamViewer session is just one click away.

ITbrain, IT management, the easy way.

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