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ITbrain for IT monitoring

Learn about some of the great ITbrain features that help you monitor your deployed devices remotely.

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With ITbrain, remote monitoring of your deployed devices is both simple and powerful. You’ll be able to set up checks on your devices to monitor them.

For example, you can set a check to monitor the CPU usage, of the PC, informing you when the processor exceeds a certain threshold. Or, you can be informed when the available disk space goes under a specific percentage. When a check fails, you’ll receive an alert in TeamViewer notifying you. And if you’d like, you can also receive an email notification. There’s also a great Alert Report providing you with a summary of all the alerts you’ve received. You can filter the data, print the reports, and even export the data to a CSV file. Some of the other checks are: checking the health of the mounted disks, seeing if anti-virus is running, available memory, and if there’s any Windows Updates. These are only some of the great checks built into ITbrain.

Another great feature with ITbrain is the ability to set your own monitoring polices. Simply create a new policy, adding all the checks you’d like to run on your devices. Then go to the device’s properties Select the policy you’d like to apply. You can even apply across multiple devices at once, by adding the policy to the properties to the group of devices. Have a look at our other videos to learn more about some of our other great ITbrain services.

ITbrain, IT management the easy way.

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