Santa, how do you use TeamViewer?

December 23, 2014
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TeamViewer recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk with one of our most well-known users about how his organization takes advantage of the TeamViewer software. Although it’s a very busy time of year for him, Santa Claus was kind enough to do an interview from the North Pole with TeamViewer.

Dear Santa, how long have you been using TeamViewer?

Well, I guess it’s been about ten years now. We first started using TeamViewer to quickly solve computer problems that would occasionally interrupt the manufacturing processes in my workshop. TeamViewer enabled us to centralize our IT expertise and then remotely solve computer problems throughout our facilities here. My IT elves love it too. They no longer have to trudge through the snow from one location to another to take care of issues. After all, it’s pretty cold up here this time of year. Since then, TeamViewer has become an integral part of our operations.

So how do you use TeamViewer? When people think of your workshop here at the North Pole, they think you just build toys.

Ho, ho, no! Sure the manufacturing processes are a critical component of our operations, but that’s just one small aspect. There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes to get ready for Christmas. We use TeamViewer for much more than just IT admin and remote support. We hold production and planning meetings, collaborate on projects, and make extensive use of data transfer features. For example, we do wind tunnel testing on new sleigh designs. The amount of data generated from testing is enormous. Via TeamViewer, the elves over in Aerospace Design are able transfer huge files directly to my office PC where I can look at the results. It’s would be way too much data to send via e-mail.

I’m sure you’ve also heard of my naughty and nice lists. Those lists contain highly sensitive data, so I maintain them only on my computer. However, with TeamViewer, I can access and update those lists from anywhere at any time, even with my mobile phone. I don’t have to worry about data security either because the connections are encrypted.

It sounds like you have things set up pretty well. Was there a time when TeamViewer really saved the day?

Well, I logged on to the computer out in the stables earlier this morning to adjust the feeding schedules for the Reindeer. Let’s just say that Blitzen wasn’t looking as fast as usual. He likes it though when I share Christmas cookies with him.

Actually, TeamViewer’s mobile device support really saved Christmas last year. I dropped my work phone into the water somewhere over a lake. I used the phone to confirm my delivery list and scheduling. I still had my personal cell phone, but I didn’t have any of the settings to access work-related information. My IT elves logged on to my personal phone and set it up to receive the information normally sent to my work phone. Because of that, I was able to make all of my deliveries on time.

Santa, Thank you for taking the time talk with us today. Can we get a picture for the interview?

There are plenty of pictures of me out there, but the real heroes in this story are the supporters who keep my operations up and running with TeamViewer. Please let me give you a picture of Raniel Dupp. He’s my elf in charge of IT.

Also, let me take this opportunity to wish everyone a merry Christmas. If I might be so bold, let me wish everyone a merry Christmas on behalf of TeamViewer too.

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