How to Collaborate Using Smart Glasses and Screen Sharing

December 10, 2015
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Ever wanted to see through someone else’s eyes? Thanks to augmented reality and screen sharing, this is not a dream anymore.

The development of virtual and augmented reality devices has started to accelerate in the last couple of years – and they’re here to stay in the foreseeable future.

Having reached their current level of maturity, augmented reality glasses yield a lot of interesting use cases.

By placing an additional layer over the user’s natural field of vision, it is possible to vastly enrich it with information.

Sensors that keep track of e.g. their motions, vision and voice then allow wearers of AR glasses to intuitively interact with that information in the context of their environment.

Due to the abilities to display and collect information, augmented reality tools have the potential to substitute a variety of “old” tools in the workplace that workers then won’t have to carry around anymore or integrate information directly into work in progress.

Here are some common examples:

  • In warehouses, they could provide a live map of all items in the storage and substitute clipboards and scanners used to keep track of and update item information.
  • Construction workers, or mechanics, could receive guidance, request information on the object they’re working on, action plans and the like.
  • Doctors and surgeons could receive live information on their patient to keep vital data in their field of peripheral sight.

But where does screen sharing come into play?

Consult Experts and Let Them See Through Your Glasses

The example of construction workers and mechanics is also great to showcase how screen sharing of AR glasses can help you out.

In these areas, workers often face very unique issues because of the potentially high degree of customization and overall difference from project to project or model to model.

Especially when being on a tight schedule, consulting an expert can save hours of research.

Take for example a mechanic repairing an airplane:

Every hour the plane stands still costs the company tens of thousands of dollars in opportunity costs, so getting it back up and running again quickly is crucial.

If the mechanic’s facing a serious roadblock they can’t resolve on their own, they can share the screen of their glasses with an expert and receive guidance to get the problem out of the way as fast as possible.

TeamViewer Integrates with Antheer AiR Smart Glasses

To enable screen sharing as well as remote support for users of the Antheer AiR smart glasses, Antheer established a partnership with TeamViewer.

That means that, additionally to screen sharing, a supporter can also help the AiR user troubleshooting or even interact with the augmented contents of their smart glasses.

That is thanks to the TeamViewer Host module that allows for unattended access to the device.

Unattended access is vital for companies maintaining enterprise-class devices, such as the Android-based AiR Glasses, since staff is no longer required to be present to confirm the incoming connection.

At the same time, key security concerns such as data protection and privacy are guaranteed as initial access to unattended devices can only be granted by authorized staff.

Transforming the Workplace

There’s no doubt that augmented reality will have a big impact on the way many of us work every day, once the technology goes beyond the phase of early adopters and becomes available to the masses.

With applications specifically designed for the different fields of work, there isn’t be a job where augmented reality devices, such as the AiR glasses, can’t bring a benefit to the user.

Their ability to comprehensively provide contextual information about the things we see and interact with our environment in new ways boost efficiency and productivity.

Last but not least, smart glasses unlock new ways to collaborate with ease, allowing the partners to see through the same pair of eyes.

We can be excited to see the future breakthroughs in the area of augmented reality.

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