Ensure Better Business Collaboration With TeamViewer

Improve team collaboration between colleagues anywhere in the world, with seamless communication and remote device control functionality.

How does TeamViewer cater to all my online collaboration needs?

Unlike standalone collaboration tools, TeamViewer’s all-in-one approach ensures that you have everything you need for both effective communication and collaborative working in one convenient package. Whether you are working from home, or wish to collaborate with colleagues abroad, the software offers you fully integrated online conference solutions for audio and video communication. This communication functionality works alongside the interactive screen sharing and remote access features, enabling fluid team collaboration. With TeamViewer, you can be certain that you are equipped with the tools you need in every team collaboration scenario.

How do TeamViewer’s benefits uniquely improve online business collaboration?

Limitless Communication

Connect with all your colleagues and business partners in whatever way is most effective for you. If you are working remotely at home, for example, TeamViewer’s built-in video conferencing solution will make you feel like you’re still in the office. Instant messaging chats, VoIP calls, and video meetings can all be initiated easily and spontaneously. You can even use the online whiteboard feature during meetings to help get your point across. With TeamViewer, you also have full control of who has access to meetings via the door-lock feature.

Fully Interactive

TeamViewer enables tangible, hands-on online collaboration via screen sharing and remote access. The former allows you and your colleagues or clients can effortlessly share screens – including during meetings – to highlight problems, give demonstrations, and share feedback on specific features. The latter is ideal for taking control of a team member’s device remotely, so that you can give or receive direct remote assistance on a particular issue and actively interact with each other’s work.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Unlike some collaboration software, TeamViewer is a complete package for remote access and communication, with full cross-platform functionality across a wide range of operating systems. Whether your team members and collaboration partners are using Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, or Android, you will all be working on the same platform. As a result, differing operating systems need never be a barrier to fluid business collaboration. This comprehensive compatibility also means you can also continue collaborating uninhibited if you need to work remotely, on your laptop for example.

Convenient File Transfer

Using TeamViewer as a collaboration tool not only means you can connect with colleagues at your convenience, but you can also share important files or documents quickly and easily. No more searching for the latest version of a presentation, or hunting for documents in your chat history. By using the convenient file box, which links to cloud storage providers, you can ensure that documents are always up to date and instantly available for all contributors. With TeamViewer’s cloud collaboration functionality, you can concentrate on working together productively rather than organising files.

How can I use TeamViewer for effective remote team collaboration?

TeamViewer’s multi-faceted functionality makes it the ideal all-in-one business collaboration solution for working on joint projects remotely, whether you are working from home or cooperating with colleagues elsewhere. In addition to the online conferencing features, allowing you to jump on video calls with ease, you can use TeamViewer Chat to discuss important topics on the fly, without having to sift through complex email threads. The software also displays when your contacts are online and ready to collaborate, so you can pick the most opportune moment. Consequently, you can communicate fluidly with your co-collaborators, and with minimal disruption. Furthermore, TeamViewer makes business collaboration on the same project highly convenient and effective. In particular, the unattended access feature allows you to control a device remotely, meaning you and a co-collaborator can work on the same workstation, even if you are on the other side of the world. This way, contributors can pick up from precisely where their project partner left off, without any delay.

What security measures are in place?

Your online security is of the highest importance, which is why TeamViewer offers industry-leading levels of protection. With end-to-end encryption applied to all communications, files, documents, and user data, you can be confident that your sensitive business information will remain secure. For further protection, the public key infrastructure (PKI) is effective in preventing “man-in-the-middle-attacks.” In addition, you can implement two-factor authentication, where a code generated on a mobile device is required to access a TeamViewer account.

How can I test online collaboration with TeamViewer?

Trying out the collaboration features couldn’t be easier. Simply download TeamViewer to start your free trial with no obligation to purchase. Within five minutes, you will have the comprehensive business collaboration functionality. If you decide to purchase, you will benefit from a 7-day money back guarantee.

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