TeamViewer & Philips

Pair TeamViewer with Philips Professional Display Solutions to save your business time while enhancing your customers’ service experience.

Combine the innovation of Philips Professional Displays – powered by Android – with the intelligence of TeamViewer for intuitive remote management and screen sharing. Working together to support your business with a full service solution.

Work in the background

Check or change content on the display in real time, without disturbing the audience.

Stay flexible

Gain independent access to devices from any PC/laptop/mobile device.

Save time

Save time and have the ability to support more customers per hour.

Save money

Decrease cost for your business and your customer. No travel-costs or site visits needed.

Better SLA experience

Increase SLA experience with speed and remote management.

Keep it confidential

Conduct changes confidentially by deactivating the remote monitor during a live connection.

Realize real-time performance

Show your audience the content that matters, right when it matters.

Service from a distance

Support your customer remotely from any location at any time.

Stay on top of things

Have complete control over device options and make sure that you keep track of all changes that are being made.

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Professional Display Solutions powered by AndroidTM

  • Remote Access for Digital Signage gives you instant access and full control of the Philips display, no matter your location. Just remote-in and provide support without disturbing the audience. You can check display settings and screen status, solving any issues as if you were sitting in front of it. All with the free TeamViewer Host App.
  • Ease of use, low-cost integration and enhanced connectivity characterises Android-enabled Philips Professional Displays. Advanced models embed FailOver to ensure content stays up and running, and the optional 4G/ LTE network feature allows operation in remote or complex locations.
  • Philips Professional Displays are enabled with System-on-Chip (SoC), powered by Android, and when combined with a native Android digital signage application – such as TeamViewer – provide unprecedented performance. That’s because native Android applications can directly tap into the power of the display’s graphics processor, driving complex multimedia output. Bringing you performance without compromise, together with major cost savings.

Choose your license and apply your individual voucher code provided by your Philips account manager to save 5%.

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Need Support?

If you need Support for your TeamViewer App or license, please Submit a Ticket at TeamViewer.

Do you need Support for your Philips Display or have monitor-related questions? Please Submit a Ticket in the Philips Support Center.

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