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TeamViewer Remote

Easy connection with TeamViewer remote desktop

Tech glitches examined and solved in an instant. Desktop items accessed securely by employees with a few clicks – and from a completely different device. Customer mobile screens viewed. Off-site servers checked and reconfigured. TeamViewer Remote offers you all of this and more.

IT support

Helpdesk and support staff can connect seamlessly with users and get eyes on the issue in an instant. With TeamViewer Remote, triaging becomes quicker and more effective, with simple issues fixed immediately and more complex problems escalated to appropriate team members.

Monitoring and maintenance 

Use TeamViewer’s remote desktop software to access customer devices and applications, remote employees, and devices in-the-field without having to leave your desk. Check, monitor, reconfigure, and optimize your company’s assets in an efficient, cost-effective way. 

Work from anywhere

Remotely based employees or those on the road can access company systems, applications, and files 24/7 from any device. TeamViewer Remote’s remote access capabilities mean team members can connect and collaborate through TeamViewer’s web client, and business data can be transmitted to and from employees securely.  

Access files in real time 

TeamViewer Remote offers instant, reliable file transfer in a few clicks for real-time access and easier collaboration. Files are compressed automatically to ensure a speedy transfer, while end-to-end encryption ensures your data is protected against unauthorized access.

Enhanced customer service

Android or iOS, mobile, tablet, desktop, or laptop: TeamViewer’s cross-compatibility enables you to connect instantly with customers, whatever device they are using. Use voice over IP to chat, or TeamViewer’s video function for face-to-face contact. Resolve customer queries quickly and effectively using whatever method works best for them.

Take your remote support and access to the next level

Enhance your TeamViewer experience, know more about your devices, and proactively keep your IT infrastructure healthy, stable, and secure. Boost your IT efficiency and centrally manage, monitor, track, patch, and protect your computers, devices, and software — all from a single platform with TeamViewer Remote Management.

What sets TeamViewer’s solution for remote desktop apart?



  • Industry-leading security. Security pioneer BitSight Security Ratings ranks TeamViewer as top 1% in the tech industry.
  • End-to-end encryption for all TeamViewer connections. No one who shouldn’t can access your connections, data, or file transfers – not even us.
  • Secure remote sessions. The new way to connect. Create individual remote support sessions without the need to exchange passwords via phone, chat, or any other channel.
  • Connection origin detection. See where incoming connections are coming from before you start a remote session, and safeguard against malicious attacks.



  • 100% device-agnostic. Connect to any operating system and device, and from all mobile devices, including all Android devices, regardless of manufacturer. And with the full-featured TeamViewer Remote web client, you can access all your devices from any browser.
  • Headless devices. Enjoy full, secure, remote access to servers and other headless devices, including TeamViewer Remote headless Linux support that takes you directly to the relevant Linux system terminal.



  • First-class user experience. Fast connection set-up, high transmission speeds, and superior picture quality ensure a seamless, immersive, and frustration-free remote desktop support experience.
  • Fast file transfer. Our compression capabilities ensure secure and fast file transfer, even for large files.
  • Stable connections. Our global access network ensures stable connections and the best possible transmission quality, even in environments with low internet bandwidth.

Award-winning software for both individuals and companies

How to set up a remote desktop

Support any operating system and device. And with the full-featured TeamViewer Remote web client, you can access all your devices from any browser.

Windows, Mac, and Chrome

To use TeamViewer Remote on your Windows PC, laptop, iMac or Macbook, you no longer need to download TeamViewer to your device but you can access the remote desktop software on any browser.


  1. Go to https://web.teamviewer.com/ through your browser on the outgoing device and sign in to your TeamViewer account. Create a remote session. 

  2. Also, open the TeamViewer client on the incoming device and follow the invite to join the session. 

  3. Begin the session on your remote device to connect and control the incoming device as if it were in front of you.


Alternatively, download TeamViewer desktop client from the website, sign in to your TeamViewer account, click on the “Remote Control” panel, and enter the Partner ID of the device you wish to connect to. 


TeamViewer license holders can skip the download and connect directly from a browser. 

Android, iOS, and Linux

With Android devices being used more for both personal and business, TeamViewer’s remote desktop software can be used across all of these systems – allowing support services to effectively resolve issues with Androids, as well as Android users to seamlessly connect their devices to their computers.


Access and start using TeamViewer remote desktop for your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or Android tablet (any manufacturer) by opening the web client on your browser or following the download link for your device from the website



  • Access TeamViewer through the web client.

  • Alternatively, click on the TeamViewer for Linux icon on the TeamViewer download page.

  • Select the download option most appropriate for your version of Linux. If in doubt, select the 64-bit DEB package. 


Follow the installation and desktop session options on our Linux remote desktop session information page.

TeamViewer Remote feature highlights


Remote desktop for IT services

Improve efficiency by accelerating your IT department’s access to employees' work computers or any device with TeamViewer Remote. Enabling secure on-demand support to unattended and attended devices, resolving the issue quickly to increase productivity for the whole business. Our remote desktop software can offer a user-friendly solution for all technicians and support services across all platforms.

Remote desktop software in healthcare

Use TeamViewer Remote to access healthcare devices wherever they are used. Monitor, issue reminders, check-in with patients, and communicate quickly and easily via video or chat. Our remote desktop solution is the long-term EEG gold standard HIPAA-compliant solution with industry-leading security, so can help ensure healthcare providers have instant access to all important patient data at any time, securely facilitating easy communication between provider and patient and the fastest possible resolution of issues.

Remote desktop for retail

TeamViewer Remote provides a cost-effective support solution for critical retail systems while helping you deliver precisely the type of rapid, effective customer experience of after-sales service that will keep customers coming back for more. 

Use TeamViewer’s remote desktop software to connect, control, and configure your CRM, inventory management systems, digital displays, kiosks, and more. Reach out to customers on the device of their choosing to resolve issues with your app, answer queries, and provide updates on fulfillment.

Remote desktop for education

Share resources with students, access students’ screens to highlight areas of text, or give feedback in real-time, and reach out to an entire class or individuals via video or instant chat: TeamViewer Remote enhances both teaching processes and studying methods for schools, colleges, and providers of business training and professional development. 

Discover how TeamViewer Remote enables educators to make better use of real-life and virtual learning tools, providing full support for your learning initiatives.



Customer success

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Remote desktop lets you connect to a different device to view and interact with it remotely as if it was in your hands. Once you have established a connection with another device using remote desktop software, you can navigate that device, access files and documents saved, and, in some instances, operate software installed on it.  

Remote desktop software allows IT staff to perform maintenance and support tasks without the need to physically access devices. This type of software is also popular as a mobile office solution, enabling access to workplace computers and files from virtually anywhere. 

Some remote desktop programs - Windows Remote Desktop, for instance - only enable connections between devices running the same operating system. The TeamViewer Remote solution is fully cross-compatible, allowing you to connect to and from any device – whatever the operating system.

Connect to TeamViewer through your browser by using the web client.

Next, sign in to your TeamViewer account and create a remote session link.

Share this session link with your recipient. Once clicking on the link, they will be taken directly to the QuickSupport app or the QuickSupport app is downloaded automatically if it is not already installed.

Begin the session on your outgoing device to connect and remotely control the incoming device.

Yes, TeamViewer is available as a free download for the purposes of private use. This way, you can establish remote desktop connections with any device, no matter where you are. However, TeamViewer is so much more than just remote desktop software, especially when you purchase add-on features and one of our three licenses: Business, Premium, or Corporate. The extra functionality available adds considerable value to everyone from one-person enterprises to large corporations, and anyone in between.

Easily connect, analyze, and remotely control closed systems and individual devices.

There are a number of remote desktop software options available, each with benefits for different solutions. TeamViewer Remote is a top-rated remote desktop software across multiple industries, catering to different roles and requirements within businesses. TeamViewer Remote provides industry-leading security with end-to-end encryption for all connections and is easy to use across all devices. TeamViewer is rated 4.7 stars by over 66,000 reviews on Trustpilot, further demonstrating its reliability, popularity, and first-class user experience.

There are multiple security measures in place to ensure that no lurking hackers can intercept or read any of your private information while your desktop is being shared. With TeamViewer, all data is end-to-end encrypted, meaning even our servers cannot access anything belonging to the customer. The extra step of two-factor authentication makes sure only authorized persons can log in and if any suspicious activity is detected on your account, you will be invited to reset your password as a safety precaution.

A remote desktop connection is set up slightly differently depending on the device you are using. In general, you need to ensure that both your device and the remote device are connected to the internet where you can access TeamViewer web client through your browser or have TeamViewer Remote desktop client installed. 

On the device you want to access remotely, ensure that the remote desktop is enabled via the settings. 

Once connected to the internet, follow the instructions above to invite and join through the session link. When you're connected you will be able to see the remote device's displayed screen and now you can interact as if it were physically in front of you.