Technical Support for Mobile Devices Made Secure and Easy

July 22, 2015
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Mobile device usage both for business and for private purpose is gaining grounds at breath-taking speed worldwide. Providing efficient and effective technical support for mobile devices is increasingly important.

According to statistics and forecasts published by the technology market research firm, Radicati Group, on the usage of mobile devices, approximately 84% of the global population will possess and will be using mobile technology by the end of 2018. According to this forecast, the usage of mobile devices will increase from over 7.7 billion in 2014, to over 12.1 billion by 2018.

While this means greater flexibility for both business and private users, it also brings in certain challenges for IT pros.

Some of the main challenges include security, respect for privacy, malware threats, data loss and even loss of devices.

This also means IT pros have to stay on top their game, by constantly revamping their support strategy. Mobile device support with TeamViewer takes all of these challenges into consideration and offers system administrators an all-encompassing solution.


At TeamViewer, customers’ privacy and security are of primary importance. The updated TeamViewer QuickSupport for Android comes with an improved security mechanism to ensure safe communication between internal app components. This improved security prevents potential misuse of the QuickSupport app and its Add-On on compromised devices.

The improved apps are already widely deployed and automatically updated for most partners. The security department as well as third party experts carefully reviewed these apps and they meet highest security standards.


The TeamViewer QuickSupport app enables remote control of Android mobile devices making trouble-shooting quick and easy. The recently optimized QuickSupport app for Android devices comes with major performance improvements, which renders technical remote support to mobile devices fast and efficient.

To find more information about TeamViewer Mobile Device Support click here. Visit this page to upgrade or purchase your mobile device support license!

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