Multi-Platform Team Communication When You Need it

November 24, 2015
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A team needs to communicate and collaborate on a pitch they’re about to deliver to a potential new client. Simon is on-site with the potential customer, an iPad in hand, ready for the presentation.

Fabian is in the office, using the company’s web-based CRM system to feed information about the lead through to Juulia, who is back in Creative, working on some last minute tweaks to the presentation on her Mac.

Anna is en route to Simon for the presentation, coordinating the final preparation of the team with her Android smartphone in hand.

What’s the best way to use team communication to make the most of these vital last moments before the big presentation? How can they best communicate and collaborate?

Email could work, but we all know how annoying it can be to keep a conservation going through the endless chain of CCs. Plus, there’s always a delay in reading and responding to emails.

Wouldn’t it be convenient for the sales team if they were able to chat, in real-time, from all their various devices?

With TeamViewer 11, now you can.

New Locations for TeamViewer Chat

TeamViewer 11 now lets you run TeamViewer Chat on iOS and Android devices, and can also now be integrated into any web-based platform via the new TeamViewer Chat widget, or accessed through the newly integrated TeamViewer Chat within the Management Console.

Simon and Anna have downloaded the TeamViewer Chat apps for iOS and Android. So Simon can keep Anna updated on how things are going on site with the client.

Hey Anna – this morning’s initial meeting went fine. They’re geared up to receive our presentation.


Anna can then check in with the team back in the office. Fabian has integrated the TeamViewer Chat widget into their CRM by copy & pasting this code snippet, and Juulia is finalizing the design of the presentation on her Mac with the Management Console open.

Thanks, Simon. I’m about 10 minutes away now.
Fabian, have you been able to pull up that last bit of info about the client for Juulia?

Just getting it together now.
Juulia, you should have it in a moment.

Anna, I will transfer the presentation to you as soon as I’m done.


So, be it through the new mobile device chat, integrated chat widget, or chat in the Management Console, the team can use TeamViewer chat, in real-time, to keep their conversation going.

Never miss a message

All chat messages are automatically pushed to any device you have TeamViewer running on.

So, let’s say Anna was chatting with the team on her PC before leaving the office, then ran out the door to meet Simon for the presentation. Since all the chat messages are pushed to her smartphone as well, she’ll be able to pick up her conversation right where she left it on her PC.

And, with the new EMOJIs that are available in all TeamViewer chat, the team can add a little bit of personal flair to the conversation.

Have a look at the video below to see the new TeamViewer Chat in action, and try it for yourself, today.

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