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April 23, 2015
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The structure of a university often poses difficulties in IT support that differ significantly from those of businesses or large corporations. One such difficulty is the use of various operating systems across the many different faculties and departments.

With the high number of project-related teams and non-location based teamwork, mobile devices also play a more crucial role in academic project management.

It was exactly this need for a cross-platform compatible remote support solution that led St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas to TeamViewer. Before using TeamViewer, the remote support solution used by the university was incapable of supporting mobile devices and tablets.

In 2012, when the St. Edward’s Office of Information Technology introduced Windows 7 as the university’s main operating system, the need for a new remote support solution became an inevitability since the old solution did not support Windows 7.

Increasing remote support capacity with TeamViewer

After extensive research, the university came to the conclusion that TeamViewer was the most comprehensive remote support tool for their specific needs. The licensing based on the number of administrators rather than the number of computers was also an important factor in the decision-making process.

The flexibility of the TeamViewer licensing model best suited their needs and the IT department is now able to offer immediate support both on- and off-campus.

By working with TeamViewer, St. Edward’s University Office of Information Technology has increased their capacity to provide remote support by 15%-20%. In TeamViewer, they have found a reliable solution for remote troubleshooting, software installations, home office, and even remote training.

To read about this story in greater detail, learn more about the effective and flexible solutions that TeamViewer provides, and gain insight into the creative ways that the software is used, take a look at the full case study.

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