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March 12, 2015
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Software developers love JIRA. It is by far one of the most popular, web-based issue tracking applications available, and TeamViewer has a plugin available for JIRA.

Now, it’s important to understand some basic information about JIRA because I then want to tell you something really great about this plugin (aside from the fact that there is a TeamViewer plugin for JIRA).

Track bugs with JIRA, fix them together with TeamViewer


Developed by Atlassian, JIRA is used in software development for bug tracking, issue tracking, and operative project management. Tens of thousands of software development teams at companies and organizations, both large and small, all around the world rely on JIRA to assist in creating their own software solutions.

Now there is a TeamViewer plugin available for JIRA that integrates TeamViewer’s extensive collaboration capabilities directly into JIRA’s user interface.

To use TeamViewer together with JIRA, the JIRA admin merely installs the plugin. This makes it immediately available to all users. It is then possible to initiate chats, video calls, meetings, presentations, or even remote control sessions directly from within a JIRA ticket.

For example, development team members can use TeamViewer to conduct a virtual scrum meeting or even remotely connect to a partner’s PC and, for instance, do a code review, track down a bug that has been difficult to reproduce, or even write lines of code directly into the editor on the remote computer.

Users can create permanent chat groups for their teams as well, and chat histories are available so that everyone remains informed and can refer back to discussions at any time. It provides all the advantages of TeamViewer 10 right from within JIRA.

Of course, just like TeamViewer, the plugin is freely available and can be used by private users and anyone with a TeamViewer 10 license.


JIRA integration is just the tip of the iceberg

The TeamViewer plugin for JIRA is pretty big news, so if that’s not the really great part, then what is?

Well, the functions built into the plugin for JIRA are based on the new page. In addition, the new Computers  & Contacts API is used to see the online status of other users and establish connections.

In short, the TeamViewer plugin for JIRA serves as an example for these technologies and works in the latest versions of the most popular web browsers, which include Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

Because all of the APIs used are freely available, anyone can build a similar plugin for a wide variety of different software applications.  Developers interested in creating their own plugins can even include additional TeamViewer APIs such as User Management, Session Management, or Connection Reports to name a few.

The TeamViewer plugin for JIRA illustrates how anyone can use the APIs from TeamViewer to integrate the TeamViewer software into their own or other software solutions. Now isn’t that pretty great?

To find out more, visit There are a number of other plugins already available for specific applications and instructions on how to get started using the APIs. JIRA integration is just the tip of the iceberg.

Do you want to know more about the TeamViewer API? Then visit Jira Integration Page today for more information.

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