Stop Tech Support Calls from Interrupting your Christmas

December 17, 2015
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The most peaceful and reflective time of the year is slowly approaching. Where we are supposed to decelerate, and take a few days off to spend time with our loved ones. As an IT admin, what can you do to avoid badly timed tech support calls from interrupting your Christmas?

Christmas holidays are also a time for eating lots of chocolate and watching re-runs of cheesy movies that you watch every year.

There’s nothing better than sitting in front of the TV, all cozy, surrounded by your family, watching those uncaring McCallister parents forget their son once again.

How frustrating it is, then, right before you learn if Kevin manages to take on the Wet Bandits, for your phone to ring. IT problems at work means your coworker needed to get in touch.

It’s Jeff, who is already back in the office to finish his end of year report. He’s having trouble with his computer.

“Something is wrong”, he says, “I just… I don’t know, it just stopped working!” You’re the admin on stand-by, and unfortunately you have to fix this. Your hard-earned time off gets interrupted once again.

Take precautionary measures

What if I told you it doesn’t even have to come to that? What if you were able to take precautionary measures in order to get rid of those pesky issue before they even come up, not only keeping you with your loved ones during your holidays, but also making your users and clients happy?

Most of the time, things don’t stop working all of the sudden.

To a certain extent, IT is predictable and something most likely led to the machine ceasing to function.

A hard drive doesn’t fail from one moment to another, but will report S.M.A.R.T. errors beforehand, hinting the impending failure of the disk.

CPUs that are constantly running above a certain threshold will affect the stability of their systems negatively and are doomed to overheat eventually, resulting in a mandatory replacement of the unit.

There are many indicators that, if monitored and read correctly, will give you a significant advantage by putting you ahead of IT problems.

Instead of replacing failed hardware, you can simply prevent it from failing.

Instead of having to replace a hard disk drive and restoring as much data as possible, you can run a backup and replace the HDD just in time.

And instead of working to contain and nullify a threat posed by malware that got into your company’s IT systems via a harmless looking email a coworker opened up, you can rest assured that threats are always automatically identified and treated.

ITbrain could mean an interruption-free holiday!

ITbrain Monitoring provides early recognition of problems in your IT infrastructure. You can set up various checks to ensure the stability and security of your IT systems.

As soon as one of those checks detects an issue, you will be notified immediately, allowing for timely and proactive prevention of problems.

ITbrain Anti-Malware has been awarded with the VB100 certification of reliability – twice. It protects your devices against viruses, Trojans and rootkits.

With real-time protection, every file is scanned instantly for potential threats. As soon as a threat is found, ITbrain puts the malicious file in quarantine to prevent any further damage to your systems.

And the best part: no maintenance required! You don’t need to run any updates as ITbrain Anti-Malware updates itself multiple times a day to receive the newest malware definitions.

Have peace of mind knowing your systems are protected by a certified anti-malware solution, and fully enjoy your holidays.

This year, don’t let your festive mood be ruined by tech support calls.

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