The Future of IT Service and Support

November 5, 2018
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Enterprise IT must modernize to improve the end-user experience for employees and customers.

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The role of service and support, for customers and employees, has never been more critical to an enterprise organization’s success.

Mobile employees, working in multiple locations and on multiple devices, need a good,  easy way to get help in order to stay productive. We’ve all been there and experienced the frustration of not being able to work because of a technical issue.  In addition, our customers, like each of us, are increasing their dependence on technology, and are also demanding fast responses from businesses so they can get on with their lives.

It’s Time to Think Strategically about Service and Support

Because service and support are so closely tied to employee and customer engagement as well as satisfaction, enterprise organizations just can’t afford to drop the ball.

The ideal situation is to make service and support so responsive, efficient, and personalized, that it becomes a competitive differentiator.  It can help build your brand and be a strong contributor to employee and customer retention and acquisition. When thinking about how your IT department delivers service and support, keep in mind that:

  • Employees who can be productive in flexible work arrangements show higher job satisfaction, lower attrition, and positive feelings toward their employers.
  • Resolving customer issues quickly also builds loyalty and goodwill, which leads to repeat business and higher revenues.
  • Anyone who has a negative support experience is just a social media post away from badmouthing the offending business.

New Tools of the Trade—Remote Support and Augmented Learning

Fortunately, technologies are making it easier for businesses to provide faster employee support and customer service from remote locations.

TeamViewer’s new whitepaper ‘the Future of IT Service and Support’ is a great resource for your IT strategic planning efforts.  Remote support solutions continue to evolve to more than just laptops and desktops – they can also help maintain unattended servers, IoT devices, smartphones, tablets, and more.  With new augmented learning tools like remote camera sharing, real time video, VoIP HD, 3D annotations, session recording, logging and commenting, you’ve got a lot of options for defining your enterprise support solution.

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