The TeamViewer Easter Basket

April 2, 2015
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When people think of TeamViewer the company, it’s only natural that they should think of TeamViewer the software. However, a proper Easter basket contains a whole variety of different eggs.

EasterEggMini-TeamViewerTeamViewer  the all-in-one remote access and meeting solution

With modules like Host, QuickSupport, and QuickJoin, TeamViewer provides tremendous flexibility for unattended access or connecting to colleagues without having to install any software at all.

Mobile device support, TeamViewer APIs for integration into other applications, and a software developer kit (SDK) so that developers can build remote support directly into their mobile apps provide even more options.  TeamViewer truly is the all-in-one solution for remote support, unattended access, meetings, presentations, and online collaboration.

EasterEggMini-ITbrainITbrain – Manage, monitor, and protect your IT assets

With TeamViewer installed on your company’s computers, you can also purchase an incredibly powerful set of tools that go well beyond remote access and online meetings. Via the Management Console, you have the ability to employ ITbrain.

When you’re working with large numbers of devices, there are concerns in addition to just providing remote support to many different users. You now have an entire IT infrastructure to support. This is where ITbrain becomes an essential element.

With ITbrain Monitoring, you can set up checks for things like online status, disk health, and memory usage to reduce downtime by flagging potential problems so they can be fixed before they even occur.

ITbrain Asset Management, in turn, provides you with the ability to generate reports on all of your devices. For example, you can see what version of a specific software solution you have running on all of your devices or detect and eliminate inappropriate software.

Finally, ITbrain Anti-Malware defends your computers from threats like viruses, trojans, and rootkits.

EasterEggMini-airbackupairbackup – Easily back up and restore your important business data

Another product available from TeamViewer is airbackup. Businesses do not back up their data merely for the sake of doing so.

When data is lost, whether through accident, theft, or malicious intent, it can have very serious financial or legal consequences. The immediate priority becomes recovering the lost data and getting the businesses back up and running as quickly as possible.

airbackup uses powerful data analysis, deduplication, and compression algorithms along with incremental backup on a block level to constantly back up only the data that has changed or is new.

The backup routine is thus extremely fast and able to run in the background. Backup and restore processes are controlled using an intuitive dashboard interface, and airbackup employs 256-bit AES encryption to ensure that it is secure.

EasterEggMini-monitisMonitis – Application performance management because time is money

The relationship between time and money has a long and well-established history. This is why it can prove costly if your IT system should ever fail.

It affects your bottom line more than just during the time that your IT system is down because it affects your brand’s reputation. For example, suppose that your e-commerce website goes down; you’ve lost more than just a few transactions.

Monitis, which is a part of the TeamViewer family, is a highly advanced application performance management platform with a complete stack of monitoring services.

These include services such as real-user monitoring, uptime monitoring, synthetic transactions, server monitoring, application monitoring, and the creation of custom monitors for specific needs.

All of these capabilities are presented using a consolidated dashboard with graphical reports that enable users to quickly see every situation and make informed decisions.

With web-based access, a unified dashboard, and an open API structure, Monitis’ monitoring services are accessible from anywhere, incredibly easy to use, and highly customizable.

Happy Easter from TeamViewer

At TeamViewer, development continues on our product portfolio thanks to some clever ideas and the valuable feedback that we get from our customers.

If you would like to learn more about the products listed above, you can go to for additional information.

You can also contact our sales team directly if you have any questions or comments, and please feel free to give us your continued feedback. Who knows? We might need a bigger basket at some point.

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