How to Take Full Advantage of the TeamViewer Management Console

June 24, 2015
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The Management Console is incredibly powerful and extremely important for everyone who wants to take full advantage of TeamViewer.

Simply put, the Management Console provides access to certain TeamViewer features that are not available anywhere else.

Because the Management Console is completely web based, you’ll need a TeamViewer account in order to access it; however, all that is required to create an account is a valid e-mail address and a password.

It takes less than a minute to create an account, and once you have done so, you have already taken your first step toward working with TeamViewer like a pro.

So now let’s take a closer look at what the Management Console has to offer.

Management Console features at a glance

» Computers & Contacts


When you first sign on to the Management Console using your account, you see your complete list of computers and contacts.

Here you can add, remove, and edit contacts and devices just as you would in the Computers & Contacts list in the full version of the TeamViewer software.

From here, you can also add a new device and download the appropriate TeamViewer client software directly to it, even a custom module.

So, if you are on a computer at an internet café tucked away in some far off corner of the world, you can still log in to the Management Console to manage your contacts and establish connections.

» Device Management

settings policy2

Perhaps you’re an IT Admin or supporter with a couple of hundred devices assigned to your account.

From within the Management Console, you can create setting policies and assign them to specific devices or create groups for different devices and assign setting policies to the different groups.

You create a policy, and with just a couple clicks, you can have all the settings just how you want them on every device you have assigned to yourself.

This makes it very easy to ensure the right settings are in place on every device for which you are responsible.

» ITbraintm


IT admins and managed service providers understand the importance of IT monitoring and asset management.

Within the Management Console, they have the ability to keep tabs on their IT infrastructure using ITbrain.

They also know that having a powerful, always-up-to-date anti-malware solution active in the background is essential for keeping things up and running.

ITbrain’s flexible subscription model enables monitoring, management, and protection for any number of devices.

The cost per device for an entire month is less than the cost of the coffee that you would need to soothe your nerves while trying to fix hardware problems or remove stubborn malware.

» Service Queue

service queue

If you have a license for TeamViewer, there is a good chance that you’re routinely providing remote support.

If you’re providing a lot of it, you need to prioritize support queries. You can create service cases that automatically appear in the Service Queue of the Management Console.

They also show up in your Computers & Contacts List in TeamViewer. This allows you to concentrate on your work by dealing with cases in the most efficient order.

If you have a license, you’re also likely taking advantage of custom QuickSupport modules, which you can configure to automatically create a service case with a unique session code.

You can then instantly connect to your customer using the session code. There’s no need to call first or send a password via e-mail.

You get right to the issue at hand.

» Custom Modules

custom module

As I briefly mentioned in the section on Service Queues, you can create custom modules using the Management Console.

QuickSupport (for remote control sessions) and QuickJoin (for meetings) offer the obvious advantages of professionalizing your online presence by enabling things like custom logos, colors, and personalized messages.

QuickSupport offers additional options as well such as automatically creating session codes or enabling customers to enter a description of the problem as part of the support request.

Custom Modules make a great impression on customers. In the Management Console, you can create and store as many variations as you like such as modules designed for specific departments or people.

» Company Profile

user management

If you have a Premium or Corporate license, it’s time to really take a closer look at the Management Console.

With a Premium or Corporate license, you can install TeamViewer on 5, 10, even 100 or more computers.

The number doesn’t matter, and every computer is a licensed workstation.

This is because the owner of the license has assigned the license to his or her account via the Management Console and then created a company profile.

Other user accounts are simply added to the company profile. Whenever or wherever a user account associated with the company profile logs in to TeamViewer, that person is using a licensed copy.

» User Management

user management2

The administrator of the company profile also has the ability to add users to a company profile.

In addition, the administrator can assign permissions or enforce certain restrictions on some or all users.

This can, for example, prevent users from sharing sensitive contact information or modifying logged connection data in the Connection Report.

» Connection Reports

connection report

If you have a company profile set up, it is also possible to manage and automatically log all outgoing TeamViewer remote control connections for all users that are part of the company profile.

A useful function of connection reports is therefore billing, the various rates for which can all be stored as part of the company profile.

Users can also save session comments as part of the connection logs so you can see what kinds of issues your support team is frequently handling.

The connection reports can be used as the basis for generating quite a bit of statistical information as well.

The Management Console is just that easy

This should serve as a good, basic overview of the features available from within the TeamViewer Management Console.

As with the TeamViewer client software, the user interface is intuitive, and it does not take long at all to become familiar with the layout and functionality of the Management Console.

Because it is such a powerful and flexible part of the TeamViewer software solution, it’s well worth spending some time exploring it.

You can access the Management Console at any time by going to


To learn more about the Management Console, have a look at this video:

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