Why sometimes only the taxi driver knows TeamViewer

November 11, 2015
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Some months ago, our CEO Andreas Koenig traveled to a huge IT conference in San Francisco. At this conference, many leaders of the IT world/tech scene were present, the topics were future-oriented and the speakers visionary.

During the breaks, Andreas talked to many great and interesting people who were really well-informed about the latest trends and technologies in the industry. He also met some people from tech media. When he introduced himself as the CEO of TeamViewer, not one of them knew which product or company he was referring to.

How is it that they had never heard of TeamViewer before?

Now, here is a fun fact. When Andreas got into the taxi on his way to the airport, the taxi driver started chatting with him. The taxi driver told him that he was originally from India and that he and his family migrated to the US in the 90s.

And wow was he excited when he heard that Andreas was the CEO of TeamViewer!

Andreas told me that he might not be able to recount all of his words verbatim, but the taxi driver must have said something to this effect:

“TeamViewer??? This is amazing! My nephew in India is studying Computer Science in Bangalore and he is a real tech-nerd. Whenever we have problems with our computer at home here in San Francisco, we send him a message and he connects to us via TeamViewer and solves our issues in no time. This has made our lives so much easier. We LOVE your product!”

I have to admit, before I was asked to become the CMO of TeamViewer, I had not heard much about the company before either. But when I told my daughter about it, she also got very excited. She and most of her friends were using it all the time to exchange files or collaborate on personal projects via screen-sharing activities.

So, why do my daughter and the taxi driver know who we are, but the tech media analyst does not?

We are the global market leader in remote support software solutions and TeamViewer is available for purchase in almost all countries of the world. Within ten years of its founding, TeamViewer has been activated on more than one billion devices. And all this, without much buzz from the media. This is quite an achievement!

There is a simple reason for the discrepancy between the reactions from my daughter, the taxi driver and the analysts: in the last ten years, TeamViewer has grown with such acceleration that we did not even have time to focus on the media. As more people used TeamViewer, word of mouth spread and our user numbers exploded. Our users sent us a lot of questions and feedback to improve the product.

And this is what we focused on, continuously improving our product, and now we have now decided to tell our story to the world.

Our CEO Andreas Koenig will begin telling the TeamViewer story at NOAH Conference in London on November 12, 2015. You can find the program here.

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