Three Steps to Develop a Holistic Help Desk Optimization Strategy

April 2, 2018
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IT help desks often focus on metrics and efficiency, which makes sense. When problems arise, quick solutions to restore business productivity are essential. It’s easy to fall into the trap of zeroing in on numbers, but the problem is that you’ll lose track of bigger picture goals. It’s key to make sure that your efficiency goals don’t prevent you from delivering the best possible solutions and improving customer experience. Here are three key steps to consider when developing an optimization strategy for your help desk.

Step One: Identify Areas for Improvement

“Optimization” is just a buzzword unless you can identify concrete areas for improvement and map those areas to overall IT and business goals. Most help desk ticketing platforms already track this information, but you need to understand what those metrics mean, how they relate to each other, and how they factor into your overall support center strategy. In our guide, Three Essential KPIs to Help Desk Efficiency, we explore cornerstone metrics you should consider to maximize help desk efficiency and ROI.

Step Two: Identify Tools to Help You Optimize

Once you’ve identified areas for improvement and started developing your optimization strategy, it’s essential to have all the tools your team needs to reach those goals. Remote access software is a great solution to improve the way you offer support by enabling you to take direct control of a device to diagnose and solve problems, assign security and data permissions, and configure device settings to improve first call resolution rates and average resolution time. Also, consider implementing a customer satisfaction survey at the end of every call. Your customers’ feedback offers huge insight into areas where you can improve your overall help desk services.

Step Three: Evaluate and Assess

Once you’ve implemented a strategy and deployed the essential tools, it’s important to test, measure, and continuously improve. Compare your pre-implementation metrics to your ongoing data at regular intervals and adjust as needed. In our guide, Best Practices for an Optimized Help Desk, we discuss tools, trends, and best practices for help desk support that can be implemented incrementally to contribute to ongoing improvement.

By thinking strategically and leveraging hard data to make informed decisions about your optimization goals, you ultimately contribute to sustainable process maturity, improved user satisfaction scores, and a more stable business environment. Check out all of our help desk guides to learn more about how TeamViewer’s remote access and support solutions can transform IT support from a company cost center to a valuable asset in user experience.

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