♫ The Twelve Days of TeamViewer Christmas

December 22, 2015
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Ho! Ho! Ho! With the release of TeamViewer 11, the TeamViewer elves have worked around the clock to bring you a sack full of goodies this Christmas. If you’ve been good, what can you expect to find in your stocking this year?

Day 1 – a brand new design

On the first day of TeamViewer Christmas – the elves got out their paintbrushes and updated the design of the TeamViewer client and designed a brand new Toolbar too, meaning you’ll be able to use TeamViewer faster than ever!

Day 2 – chat anywhere

On the second day of TeamViewer Christmas – Santa wanted to chat with Mrs. Claus and the elves from anywhere in the world. TeamViewer chat now runs everywhere – in the browser, on mobile devices, and on the desktop.

Day 3 – Unattended access for Android

On the third day of TeamViewer Christmas – carol singers belted out Ding Dong Merrily on High, because unattended access to Android devices is finally here! TeamViewer is the first professional, easy-to-use unattended access solution!

Day 4 – Support for Chrome OS

On the fourth day of TeamViewer Christmas – Chromebook users felt like singing a carol because they can now easily access their office computer on-the-go from wherever they are. TeamViewer is the first professional remote control solution for Chrome OS!

Day 5 – Group sharing

On the fifth day of TeamViewer Christmas – the life of Admins got a lot easier with Group Sharing in TeamViewer. TeamViewer users are now able to share groups that have been shared with them and move shared contacts into their own contacts.

Day 6 – an SOS Button

On the sixth day of TeamViewer Christmas – we made it easier than ever for you to fill your customers with Christmas cheer by giving them an SOS Button. With just one click, your customers can request your help.

Day 7 – Customer satisfaction forms

On the seventh day of TeamViewer Christmas – satisfaction forms gave you the ability to provide customer service that Santa could only dream of. Customers can provide ratings and comments to help improve your support services.

Day 8 – Channel assignment

On the eighth day of TeamViewer Christmas – Company Admins could easily manage Channels. By creating separate channel groups within your license and assigning users to them, you ensure that specific teams always have access to the channels they need.

Day 9 – remote Host installation

On the twelfth day of TeamViewer Christmas – Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. Give your customers the very best experience by installing your customized TeamViewer Host Module remotely! Easily turn a first-time customer into repeat business.

Day 10 – improved performance

On the tenth day of TeamViewer Christmas – TeamViewer was optimized to use less bandwidth and provide more efficient image rendering, so expect improved image quality at a given bandwidth. Other benefits include file transfers up to 15x faster and up to 30% lower data usage rates.

Day 11 – Windows 10

On the eleventh day of TeamViewer Christmas – TeamViewer 11 became a perfect match for Windows 10, and it does more than just look good. With TeamViewer 11, you can take advantage of powerful Windows features such as improved touch gestures on the trackpad for both local and remote input.

Day 12 – headless Linux support

On the ninth day of TeamViewer Christmas – 12 leaping penguins gave Linux fans their Christmas wish with the first ever easy access to Linux systems running without a GUI. Directly connect to the Linux text console, even if there is no graphical user interface (GUI).


We’re sure you’re going to love it, almost as much as Santa likes cookies and milk!

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