Unattended Access for Android Devices is Here!

December 10, 2015
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How many Android devices do you provide support to? Do any of those devices require you or a coworker to make a special trip to attend them, to fix them when they’re faulty? How much time would you save if you were able to provide unattended support?

To most people, Android will most likely only be known as a smartphone or tablet operating system. Yet, there are countless possible use cases in which Android is used to run various types of devices, such as: set-top boxes, advertising displays, and train ticket terminals.

All of these devices have one thing in common: no staff operating them, they are unattended. Yet from time to time they require regular maintenance, a bug fix, or a software update.

With the number of internet enabled devices potentially rising to 30 billion by 2020, according to Gartner, IDC and McKinsey’s predictions, or 50 billion according to DHL and Cisco, it’s vital that the provision of technical support is efficient and effective.

You won’t want to, or be able to attend every train ticket terminal each time it needs a critical update to its software.

What about advertising displays that are located in remote places either too far away for a supporter to reach, or simply too hazardous to attend? If a fault prevents its advertising from displaying, solving the issue quickly is essential.

And it won’t make sense to be required to deliver maintenance to thousands of point of sales devices during working hours, simply because it’s the time of day when those devices are attended.

Support to such a number of connected devices needs to avoid disruption to the workforce, and be delivered in such a way that is manageable by tech supporters.

Unattended access to Android devices with TeamViewer 11

The Android Host app with TeamViewer 11 means it is now possible to access any remote Android device that is unattended.

This is the first viable, professional solution in the industry to quickly offer support for these kind of devices. And it is easy, too!

Deployment is as easy as any other Android app, and security is ensured because only one authorized account is able to access each unattended Android device.

Using TeamViewer’s Android Host for unattended access to Android devices gives IT service providers a huge competitive advantage.

Without the need to travel to attend a device that needs support, a support case can be finished in a far shorter amount of time. And offering a quick and reliable service is vital when it comes to any device.

Now you can do that with TeamViewer 11 – comfortably, from anywhere and at any time.

Watch the video below to find out more about the Android Host app, and try it for yourself, today.

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