Service Desk
Manage Customer Requests

Collaborate as a team, manage internal and external requests, and provide personal service and support.

Efficient IT Support Management

Manage numerous and varied customer requests by prioritizing and structuring your workload. Some tickets can be resolved quickly and might not even require a remote connection. Others may involve more effort. With servicecamp, nothing will ever slip through the cracks.

  • Provide personalized remote support directly out of your ticket conversations.

  • Prioritize service requests based on their urgency and not based on a ticket number.

  • Structure your IT support inbox by following-up tickets if you can’t solve them right away.

  • Centralize customer information and related requests in your service desk for efficient support.

Outstanding Customer Service

Regardless of your industry, exceptional customer service is essential for sustainable business. As an international company with people working in multiple offices, it is essential to be able to define responsibilities, communicate, and be on the same page, even if you are not sitting at the same table.

  • Define responsibilities by assigning tickets and requests to yourself or a team member.

  • Communicate internally via chat or online meetings to clarify issues and important tasks.

  • Work flexibly and remain up to date by collaborating in the cloud.

  • Always be right there when help is needed by fixing important issues remotely with one click.

Internal Service Requests

A service desk covers more than printer problems and PC updates. You have other essential needs as well. Maybe the coffee machine is broken or you simply have a question and you’re not sure to whom to direct it within a specific department. All of these requests can be handled via servicecamp.

  • Create an internal IT support ticket to get day-to-day problems fixed, even if it’s that coffee machine.

  • Address tickets to the department@ inbox, if you are not sure who is the right contact for you.

  • Always know what’s the status of your ticket when waiting for the nice IT guy to solve the issue.

  • See if another supporter is watching a ticket so you, as an admin, can solve the next IT request.

Benefit from TeamViewer servicecamp, our new service desk integration.

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Streamline your business.
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Provide more personal customer service.
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Manage and process requests faster.
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Improve team collaboration and communication.

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Useful TeamViewer Features

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Clear focus
No matter what kind of request, you are able to focus on your ticket content. Irrelevant information is automatically faded out, relevant text passages in ticket conversations can be highlighted.
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Email client integration
Turn Outlook and Gmail into a service desk. Answer incoming tickets directly from within your email application with full service-desk functionality. There is no need to manually maintain two systems.
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Multilayered Support
Connect directly to your customers from within your support ticket. Provide support via chat, or start a remote control session. It works even if the customer does not have TeamViewer installed.
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Structure your inbox by sorting tickets into topics. Opening a topic lists all topic-related tickets as well. Easily quantify and measure frequently asked questions or currently relevant support issues and use them to provide fast service.
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Collision Detection
See if a ticket in your inbox is currently being answered by a colleague. With collision detection, it is simple to improve response times and avoid outgoing double answers to an inquiry.
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Bulk actions
Update a large number of tickets at once. Prioritize, sort, answer, and close tickets with a single action, and define for which tickets you want to use bulk actions.
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