How is TeamViewer better than a traditional customer support solution?

Unlike standalone customer support tools, TeamViewer’s comprehensive approach to remote device access and online communication ensures that you have all the tools on hand to provide immediate and effective customer support. Wherever in the world your customers are based, TeamViewer allows you to connect whenever it’s most convenient. With fully integrated audio and video communication, along with features such as screen sharing, TeamViewer is a powerful all-in-one solution that caters to every form of customer support.

How will my customer support processes benefit from TeamViewer’s features?

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Direct Access

TeamViewer includes a remote desktop feature, which enables you to take control of a client’s device and provide instant, direct support. With a lightning fast, secure connection during remote desktop sessions, your customers’ product problems can be addressed and resolved faster than ever.

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Immersive Customer Interaction

TeamViewer provides ample communication features that allow you to respond and engage with your customers when offering remote IT support. As well as a comprehensive live chat solution, the software has a fully integrated conference call functionality. This allows you to conduct audio and video support calls at the click of a button.

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Cross-Platform Compatibility

TeamViewer allows you to support your customers regardless of their OS or device preferences. This means no matter whether they are using a mobile, tablet or desktop computer running on Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Linux, Android or iOS, you don’t need to worry about compatibility or platform limitations when providing customer support.

How TeamViewer’s user experience enables better customer support

Support in various languages is often provided from a single location.

TeamViewer’s extensive functionality can provide excellent improvements to your remote customer support. Available in over 30 languages and supporting international keyboards, TeamViewer’s all-in-one approach to remote communication allows you to assist customers regardless of their language or location. Whether your customer requires assistance from home or at the office, you are equally well placed to handle the problem.

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What’s more, tracking customer support has never been easier. TeamViewer’s built-in report feature shows a comprehensive log of in-coming and out-going connections, meaning you can ensure the right person is working with the right customer, as well as track the time and the duration of their communication. When combined with the integrated customer feedback forms, you can maintain a highly-detailed record of your customer interactions that can be used to improve support standards in the future.

What security measures are in place for customer support?

TeamViewer offers industry-leading security standards for all aspects of its functionality, not least for remote IT support. TeamViewer uses end-to-end encryption on all connections with customers – remote or otherwise – and data transfers. This high level of protection means you can assure your customers that their data security and privacy is safe in your hands. TeamViewer also applies stringent security measures for remote desktop sessions, whereby an ID code is required each time you wish to take control of a client’s device. Although a permanent password can be set up, this barrier makes sure that devices can only ever be controlled remotely with the customer’s consent.

What are the risks with testing TeamViewer’s customer support features?

Testing to see if TeamViewer is the optimal solution for your customer support needs is a straight-forward process. To begin with, start a free trial without any obligations by downloading TeamViewer. You can then test it to see if it suits your requirements, without needing to provide any personal information. If you find that the software aligns with your needs, you can decide to purchase it with a 7-day money back guarantee for added peace of mind.

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