Mobile Connections on the Go

Use your mobile device to provide support or connect to your computer from anywhere.

Provide Support from Anywhere

TeamViewer offers you the ability to connect to any Windows-, macOS-, or Linux-based computer using a vast array of different mobile devices based on Android, iOS, Windows, or BlackBerry operating systems. Remotely control other mobile devices from your own mobile device as well.

  • Provide support right from your mobile device.

  • Remotely control a computer or mobile device to troubleshoot issues or perform updates.

  • Share files of any size with transfer speeds up to 200 MB/s.

  • Send special key combinations (e.g. Ctrl+Alt+Del) to the remote computer.

Connect from Anywhere

Download the free TeamViewer for Remote Control app and use it to connect to your computer from your mobile device (Android, iOS, Windows, or BlackBerry). From wherever you happen to be with your mobile device, you can control your computer, edit documents, and transfer files.

  • Access your PC or other mobile device by using TeamViewer for Remote Control.

  • Connect to meetings with the TeamViewer for Meetings app.

  • No configuration is required, and it works behind firewalls.

  • Enjoy an intuitive interface to effectively use TeamViewer immediately.

Useful TeamViewer Features

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Direct control

Control a remote computer from your mobile device as if you sitting right in front of the remote PC.
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File transfer

Share files of any size between your PC and your mobile device.
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Instant messaging functionality includes group chats, web-based chats, offline messaging, chat history, persistent chat groups, customer-initiated chat from service cases, full support for mobile devices, and end-to-end encryption.
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Special keys

Easily send special key combinations to the remote device (e.g. Ctrl+Alt+Del) even if you’re using a completely different operating system such as on a mobile device.
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Wake up your computer via another computer using TeamViewer within the local network or via a router.
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High security

TeamViewer utilizes RSA 2048 public/private key exchange, AES (256 bit) session encryption end to end, random passwords for one-time access, optional two-factor authentication, and access controls via trusted devices as well as black- and whitelists.
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