What makes TeamViewer the ideal solution for telecommuting?

Working from home often requires access to key resources that are only available by connecting to an office network. Remote access to the office should therefore be a quick, secure, and efficient affair to ensure that tasks can be handled productively, and without interrupting regular work processes. TeamViewer’s home office remote connection provides the means to instantly connect to networked resources at any time and from any device, allowing you to work exactly as you would at the office.

What benefits does using TeamViewer as a work-at-home solution offer?

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Cross-Platform Compatibility

TeamViewer operates on any device and most platforms – including Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS – allowing you to connect remotely to your office computer and other key networks while you work from home.

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Comprehensive Functions

Utilise TeamViewer’s host of functions to communicate with colleagues, chair meetings, or delegate tasks from home. For example, share what’s on your screen with colleagues using TeamViewer’s screen sharing feature, or record meetings and trainings for future reference using session recording.

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Unrivalled Privacy and Security

Rest assured when it comes to security. TeamViewer’s industry-leading security measures keep your remote connections, meetings, and transferred data safe.

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Enables Higher Productivity

Save time on travel by simply accessing important work documents from home via TeamViewer’s rapid connection, immediate response times, and high-resolution display.

How straightforward is TeamViewer’s usability when working from home?

Teleworking with the help of the TeamViewer software

Work from home efficiently by focusing exclusively on the task at hand, rather than spending time figuring out how to configure a connection. TeamViewer’s intuitive all-in-one software is easy to install and makes setting up your connection effortless. To get started, simply install TeamViewer on your home devices as well as your office computer, create an account, and assign both machines to your user account for instant access.

Remote devices are at your fingertips with the touch of a button.

TeamViewer also allows for remote installation using your company’s preferred deployment option. This means your IT team can handle the entire configuration and setup, and install TeamViewer on other devices directly from the office. Setting up new devices yourself is equally simple. If you’d like to add a brand new device, simply install TeamViewer on the device in question and add it to your list of trusted devices.

What security measures ensure privacy during remote work?

At TeamViewer, security is one of our top concerns. This is why we implement industry-leading security measures into our software to ensure that user information, personal documents, and all other forms of data remain safe and private, regardless of whether you’re working at home or in the office.

  • Whitelisting: Manage which TeamViewer accounts and IDs are permitted to access your computer or device.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Allow only trusted users access to your conversations and meetings.
  • Trusted Devices: Authorise all new devices before logging into your TeamViewer account to ensure that no device can be compromised.
  • End-to-End Encryption: Enjoy secure data encryption and feel safe knowing that third parties never have access to your private connections.

How does using TeamViewer for remote work offer a return on my investment?

Whether you’re a large organisation with hundreds of employees, a small business catering to a few individuals, or somewhere in between, TeamViewer’s variety of license options ensure you find the right fit for your budget. Our tools can also help reduce travel costs and downtime by keeping everyone and their devices connected, boosting productivity no matter where employees are working. Each license option covers hundreds of different devices, meaning there is no need to license every individual machine. Please see the license assistant to guide you in selecting the ideal license to suit your means and needs.

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