How can TeamViewer outmanoeuvre a VPN?

When your business deals with clients around the globe or faces the logistical challenge of multiple workplace locations, you need fast, secure, and reliable remote file sharing wherever you are in the world. Ordinary VPNs can perform this task, but they are expensive to run, carry the risk of transferring your data insecurely, and are time consuming to install and maintain across multiple devices. TeamViewer can be utilised as a trustworthy VPN alternative, allowing remote access to all the files and resources you need, precisely when required and no matter where you’re located.

What are the benefits of TeamViewer compared to a VPN service?

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High speed

With a private network, slow VPN speed is one the top barriers to a small business’s productivity. TeamViewer works much faster than a VPN server to transfer even large data files at speeds of up to 200MB/s, as well as being straightforward to set up and log in to.

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TeamViewer’s versatile functionality transcends any platform and device type, providing a file sharing network across Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Blackberry. Spontaneous connections are not straightforward with a VPN, whereas using TeamViewer as a VPN alternative affords you the flexibility to log in from any device whenever you require remote access.

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Cost effective

TeamViewer costs around a third of the price of maintaining a VPN, while delivering a faster, more effective service with higher security. With the TeamViewer client installed, you can connect to any computer or mobile device, meaning no costly VPN set up hassle on individual devices.

What are TeamViewer’s unique usability features for accessing multiple resources?

Business professionals on the go can use mobile devices to work remotely.

Simply by clicking the download button and following some simple instructions, setting up TeamViewer is practically stress-free compared to a traditional VPN, which requires constant maintenance. Any device with the client installed can be added to your secure personal data sharing network; this includes permanent unattended access within a server or central computer. If you ever find yourself working from a new device while travelling or working out of office - unlike a VPN -spontaneous connections are also made possible with TeamViewer simply by logging into your account and accessing the device you need remotely.

Stress-free remote work is possible via TeamViewer, an ideal alternative to VPN.

You can simultaneously connect multiple devices on different networks without worrying which local networks the remote devices are part of. This enables you to safely transfer data, files, and documents to and from multiple locations across the globe. Furthermore, unique energy-saving features such as Wake-on LAN allows you to turn on and use a device on sleep-mode from any distance. The black screen feature means that you can stay secure whenever remotely working on a document, safe in the knowledge no one is watching.

What security measures are in place when using TeamViewer as a VPN alternative?

From a security standpoint, the biggest concern with a VPN connection is that it is vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks while passing your information across unsecure networks. TeamViewer avoids this, however, by creating a secure link without adding your remote device to the network itself. In this way, even when you are working across a variety of different devices and platforms at high speed across the secure network, you can be sure that the safety of your data will not be compromised.

Take advantage of essential security features such as end-to-end encryption, designated trusted devices, and the use of whitelists to protect your devices from harmful, non-authorised applications. Add an extra layer of security with our two-factor authentication process that can easily be set up via your TeamViewer account. TeamViewer standards of security are so high that the application is even trusted by banks to remotely access data, thanks to our impressive credentials.

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