Weathering the Storm

December 30, 2014
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I would like to share a recent, major success story with you and share how TeamViewer played a critical role in that success.

Hurricane Gonzalo, the strongest hurricane to strike Bermuda in 11 years, directly hit the island country on Friday, October 17th. With sustained wind speeds of 115 miles per hour (185 kph), the damage was extensive. Of the dozen-or-so radio stations on the island, only two were able to remain on the air during the entire storm — HOTT 1075 and Magic 1027, both owned by Inter Island Communications (IIC). The entire staff of these two radio stations went home early in the afternoon on Thursday, October 16th, and the stations’ engineer completely controlled all programming for both stations from his office in the Boston, Massachusetts area.

Emergency Management via TeamViewer

Electrical power and Internet service to the studios in Bermuda continued without interruption during the length of the storm, and with the help of TeamViewer, I, as IIC’s engineer, was able to:

  • receive emergency information from utility companies and staff members on the island via cell phone, email, and text messages
  • record emergency announcements to broadcast to the population of Bermuda;
  • copy, via TeamViewer, those announcements to computers on the island;
  • manipulate, via TeamViewer, the program schedules of the two stations to insert the announcements into the program streams of the two stations;
  • manage, via TeamViewer, the incoming weather forecasts from the stations’ weather service in south Florida to make sure the weather forecasts were updating throughout the night; and
  • manage, via TeamViewer, the audio encoding machines for the stations’ internet audio streams, allowing listeners without power in their homes to continue to receive emergency information by means of their wireless phones.

How I found out about TeamViewer

I was introduced to TeamViewer in 2010, when some of the stations’ staff members began using the software to manage the facility’s program automation systems. The powerful feature-set of TeamViewer was immediately apparent to me, so I paid for two licenses for my company, LOUD & Clean Broadcast Science in Boston, Massachusetts. I use TeamViewer to remotely manage all of my clients’ radio stations.

TeamViewer has never let LOUD & Clean down. At the height of hurricane Gonzalo, I was able to verify the loudness and audio quality of weather files on the computers on the island, run audio editing software to correct problems in the audio, and log into and manage any of the nine computers that keep the programming going on the island’s two most popular radio stations.

Keeping Inter Island Communications running with TeamViewer

Community leaders have lauded Inter Island Communications for the critical role these stations played in keeping the island’s citizens safe. When the eye of the hurricane passed directly over the country, and the temporary calm in the eye descended upon the island, most people remained indoors. The weather forecasts on HOTT 1075 and Magic 1027 at that moment were informing the populace that the inner-eye wind-wall was approaching, and those forecasts may have been a major factor in keeping the populace safe… No loss of life as a result of the storm was reported.

Thank you, TeamViewer, for building such a powerful tool.


Grady Moates, Owner

LOUD & Clean Broadcast Science

Boston, MA

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