What Is Augmented Reality & How Is It Changing Remote Support?

March 4, 2020
Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality technology is helping us in the real world

Augmented Reality (or simply AR) is not to be confused with Virtual Reality (VR), although the two are closely linked. AR came into the mainstream with the popular smartphone game, Pokémon Go, back in 2016. The game let players hunt for Pokémon by using their phone camera to look for the creatures in real-world environments. Of course, the uses of Augmented Reality technology have evolved far beyond smartphone games, and have many practical benefits for businesses and customers the world over.

In order to provide instant and fast tech support, Augmented Reality applications can be used to quickly and efficiently help people solve complex issues related to machinery and gadgets – AR is no more the stuff of science-fiction.

What is Augmented Reality exactly?

Put simply, Augmented Reality technology merges the real world with visual graphical elements superimposed over live or recorded video. Unlike Virtual Reality, which is an immersive experience completely in a digital environment, AR still lets you witness the physical world but with virtual components as well.

What are the benefits of Augmented Reality in tech support?

When it comes to fixing or installing a piece of factory machinery, an entertainment device, or even a car part, the uses of Augmented Reality are great for businesses and customers alike. With AR software, you can chat to tech support while they guide you through the process of setting up a device or solving a troubleshooting issue. By pointing your camera at the machinery or gadget in question, tech support can use Augmented Reality technology to overlay text and graphic images: the button that needs to be pressed is highlighted, an image shows which tool is needed, an arrow shows where a spare part should go, etc. This helps the user obtain reliable remote support in real-time.

augmented reality AR teamviewer pilot

With these new Augmented Reality applications, it’s not only customer service and remote assistance that is sped up, but the entire process is made more cost-effective because there is little need for a technician to physically visit a customer to fix a problem if it can be done via AR. Visual and audio guidance is becoming seamless with the uses of Augmented Reality, and it soon won’t matter where you are or what needs fixing. AR is the remote support tool of the future.

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