Why do I have to pay for TeamViewer?

If you use TeamViewer for commercial purposes, you need to purchase a license. We would like to explain why.

Be part of our vision

TeamViewer empowers people to help people beyond borders and barriers. Providing a free version for personal use is part of this vision: Requiring commercial users to purchase a license is essential to maintaining a free version. This ensures that help via TeamViewer is available for everyone.

We would like to encourage you to be part of our vision: continue using TeamViewer now by buying a license.

Personal versus commercial use

Commercial use is defined as any use of TeamViewer from which a user receives payment or in-kind contributions either directly or indirectly.

This includes but is not limited to, the following use cases:

  1. Commercial use applies to providing support to customers and colleagues:
    If you are using TeamViewer to connect to your client’s or customer’s devices, it qualifies as a paid service.
  2. Commercial use applies to home office:
    If you are using TeamViewer to enable yourself to work from home, it is considered commercial use. It does not depend on whether you register with your personal or company mail address.
  3. Commercial use applies to incoming and outgoing connections:
    If you are using TeamViewer in a commercial environment but let your customers connect to your device, it is still commercial use. The definition does not exclude incoming connections.
  4. Commercial use applies to server administration:
    If you are a server administrator and use TeamViewer to monitor one or several servers, commercial use applies.
  5. Commercial use can apply to non-profit organizations:
    If you work for a non-profit organization, the use of TeamViewer can be commercial if you receive compensation from the organization.

Personal use means that you are using TeamViewer to help family or friends or attending to your own devices that are not being used in a commercial environment and with which no revenue or compensation is associated.

Do you think that you are using the free version non-commercially and have been limited by mistake? You can create a ticket, if you are using the free version non-commercially.

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