I don’t need augmented reality

Are you sure? Did you know that with our AR solution, TeamViewer Pilot, you can help guide technicians through machine repairs without ever leaving the office? 

Learn more about the various applications of TeamViewer Pilot and receive a 20% discount.


Solve technical problems with machines remotely

One of your customers’ machines suddenly stops working. This is a crucial moment for his company and he needs onsite help now. With TeamViewer Pilot, you can quickly connect with him, view the problem through the camera of your smartphone, and lead the customer to a quick resolution.


Repair cars that are miles away

Your customer’s car has broken down and is miles away from your garage. With TeamViewer Pilot, you can provide support no matter how far away your customers are. Simply open the TeamViewer Pilot app, look at the car through the smartphone camera, and guide your customers just as if you were there.


Give instructions to the technician on-site  

Your technician needs your assistance in repairing an electrical box on a road. Being on-site would require travelling. Connect to TeamViewer Pilot, give your technician instructions, and stay available during the repair — all from the comfort of your office.


Be there for those closest to you

Your grandfather has to set up a router and needs your help, but unfortunately, you live several hours away. Quickly open the TeamViewer Pilot app! Now, all your grandfather needs is your knowledge and instructions while he sets up the router himself. With arrows and drawings visible on the live-image, you can show your grandfather exactly what he needs to do.