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TeamViewer QuickSupport enables you to remote control Android smartphones and tablets or connect to your own Samsung mobile device to conveniently enter data via your computer.

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It is often a great challenge to provide a customer, colleague or acquaintance with technical support for a tablet or smartphone. In most cases, the problem could be solved in no time right on site, but that is not always possible!

With the new app TeamViewer QuickSupport (starting from Android 2.3), this is now possible from a remote location.

This is how it works:

Your counterpart starts TeamViewer QuickSupport...

TeamViewer QuickSupport
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...and gives you his TeamViewer ID or sends it via text message or e-mail.

TeamViewer QuickSupport start screen
TeamViewer QuickSupport start screen

You enter the ID into your TeamViewer and connect as usual. After a brief confirmation, you can control the device.

Remote control window during the connection to a Samsung tablet
Remote control window during the connection

In this way, you could, for example, change settings or perform synchronizations of the e-mail account without any problems. The app is also particularly suitable for connections to your own Samsung phone or tablet to conveniently enter data via your computer.

TeamViewer QuickSupport is immediately available for download to Samsung users in Google Play and Samsung Apps. The app supports Samsung phones and tablets with original firmware and Android operating system starting from version 2.3.

Wishing you lots of continued success with the mobile use of TeamViewer.

Stefan Luksch
TeamViewer Team


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