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TeamViewer Frontline xPick Integration with

SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Build more resilient and agile supply chains

Goods distribution networks and supply chains are currently facing monumental challenges and pressures on all levels at a global scale, including:

  • increased demand from customers for super-fast delivery times
  • disrupted supply chains and mounting strain on supply networks
  • continued workforce challenges including labor shortages, higher costs, widening skills gap and higher churn
  • ambitious environmental and sustainability targets

To respond more quickly, companies are needing to accelerate their digitalization efforts to be able to continue to service their customers and remain competitive.

Digitalize your Warehouse Operations with Augmented Reality (AR)

TeamViewer has partnered with SAP to offer an integrated solution of TeamViewer Frontline with the SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) application enabling companies to further enhance their logistics processes with AR-based vision picking. TeamViewer Frontline’s vision picking solution, xPick, helps to increase productivity and create more efficient processes across your operations. Workers receive step-by-step instructions directly in their line of sight on smart glasses and wearable devices guiding them through their task while working hands-free. New data insights are passed back to the SAP EWM application in real-time to enable continual process validation and optimization.

TeamViewer for SAP Extended Warehouse Management Highlights
Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Workers can get the warehouse orders directly to their smart glasses from the SAP EWM application or WMS system and completed tasks can be synchronized in real-time back to SAP. Warehouse orders can also be dynamically pushed to workers to enable an immediate response to sales order changes.

User-Centered Experience

User-Centered Experience

xPick runs the device and operating systems independently on smart glasses, tablets and other portable devices. This is true for all TeamViewer Frontline solutions. Secure, personalized logins protect your data and adapt workflows to the experience of the workers.

Powerful Management

Powerful Management

Gather new data insights at the point of work that are passed back to the SAP EWM application where you can rapidly adjust your logistics processes and build more efficient and resilient operations.

Elegant Orchestration

Elegant Orchestration

The TeamViewer Frontline Creator allows customers to build sophisticated workflows for multiple use cases including inbound, outbound and put away processes that can fit any business needs.

Fast Onboarding

Fast Onboarding

The reference integration enables customers to onboard faster to the end-to-end solution and deploy it to different sites in a scalable way. This reduces the adoption cost and increases ROI.

Key Benefits

  • Faster processes
    Easy usage allows for up to to 40% speed increase
  • Higher accuracy
    Nearly zero errors through integrated quality control
  • Greater flexibility
    Easy training and fast onboarding of frontline workers
  • Trusted solution
    Industry-proven and in productive global use for years
  • Instant analysis
    Central graphical overview of key performance indicators
  • Quick payback
    ROI within months due to low initial costs and instant performance gains

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