Understanding IT/OT Convergence

Get the insightful whitepaper to truly understand the reasons behind the ongoing transition towards IT/OT convergence and what manufacturing companies stand to gain from further digitalization.

TeamViewer & ABI Research - IT/OT Convergence Whitepaper
Understanding IT/OT Convergence

With Industry 4.0 and a growing need to transform existing processes, industrial sectors are transcending towards connected ecosystem. But what does this mean for the individual company?

In a comprehensive whitepaper, TeamViewer provides valuable insights into:

  • Driving forces: Why the manufacturing industry sees IT/OT convergence as a solution to pressing challenges
  • Newer challenges: Why convergence of IT and OT isn’t as easy as it seems
  • The technology: What aspects to look out for when selecting a solution to support a connected ecosystem
  • The benefits: How to leverage a connected ecosystem to scale, manage, and secure support experiences across your company