Hero Highlight: Healthcare industry

Secure remote access and support for the healthcare industry

TeamViewer Tensor supports healthcare providers to foster quality and safe patient care

From safeguarding patient data to accessing sterile locations

Medical institutions are always challenged with providing  optimal patient care while improving operational efficiency, productivity, and costs.

Through remote access and support, TeamViewer Tensor solves business-critical needs in the healthcare industry—whether your team works in-clinic, remotely, or on the move:

  • Secure access to patient data – Rely on industry-leading security protocols to limit and protect patient data confidentiality to only those who are authorized, while data in transit is effectively encrypted.  Ensure information governance across institutions.
  • Scalability -  Meet the needs of a growing patient population. Capitalize Tensor for  accelerating employee onboarding, remote patient monitoring (RPM), telehealth, and one-click access to private and sterile environments. Integrate with existing SIEM solutions through API,  and automate performance or system reports
  • Compliance – Comply with a variety of healthcare regulations including HIPAA . Track all changes within healthcare systems with Tensor’s comprehensive event logging & auditing capability.
  • Cost-effectiveness - Save money on onsite staff deployment while staying ahead of issues by remotely monitoring medical devices to access, support, and fix issues without the need for physical travel.

Fancy a technology demo for you and your team?

Whether you’re working in a healthcare facility’s operations, management,  IT, let’s  talk about  increasing productivity while reducing costs, automating documentation, securing compliance & safety, decreasing downtimes,  and others that TeamViewer’s suite of solutions can help address.