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The Connected Campus

World-class connectivity for classrooms in the modern world

TeamViewer Tensor simplifies and streamlines the city-like complexity of today’s campus with best-in-class connectivity.

A crash course on the complexity of today’s campus

Beneath the surface of an educational institution lies a universe of incredible complexity.

  • Surging operational ecosystems

    Devices, data, and platforms that can hinder productivity in today’s tech-driven educational campus.

  • Expanding student experiences

    Support services and teaching demands have grown beyond the confines of the campus.

  • Ever-evolving diversity

    Diversity of needs and technical abilities continue to challenge students, staff, and faculty.

  • Continuous security maintenance

    Constant updates and constant maintenance, mixed with the ever-present threat of a breach.

Over 500,000 students, teachers, and IT staff around the world are already using TeamViewer

The possibilities of a Connected Campus

A Connected Campus seamlessly orchestrates productivity, support, accessibility, and security to create an exceptional learning environment.


Efficiency unbound

Coaches connecting with players on video analysis, IT staff managing support workflows with a ticketing system, a teacher meeting student demand on their terms.

Tensor breaks down the walls of learning institutions by empowering students, faculty, and staff with remote connectivity, letting them work, and carry out tasks from anywhere.


Always within reach

A poli-sci class moving as fast as fast breaking news, a teacher able to jump into a student’s design and share with the whole class, a professor able to get instant help while proctoring an exam.

Faculty and staff use Tensor to improve their ability to support students and colleagues with a powerful suite of engagement and workflow tools designed to support them with what they need, when they need it most.

Jim Hobbs Supervisor, Client Technology Services at Thompson Rivers University

“TeamViewer has saved us precious effort, time and costs ensuring our IT staff bandwidths are freed up for other strategic projects we have ongoing at the campus. Our campus is quite large and sending an IT professional out to resolve an issue is neither sustainable, nor an option anymore.”


Capabilities for all

A music teacher uncomfortable with digital tools in the classroom, students with low quality connections, a class with hundreds of students.

Tensor scales to demand, and provides consistent, best-in-class experiences to end users of all types, at any level of technical ability, on any type of device or connection quality. It also self trains anyone who uses it.

Security and Compliance

An open door policy

A small IT team able to manage the staff, vendors, and students of a fully functioning campus restaurant to a medical facility with ease. A computer science department head requiring GDPR level compliance.

With single sign-on (SSO) and powerful role management, Tensor allows institutions to maintain fluctuating staff and student populations with ease, while maintaining an open and compliant environment where knowledge flows and innovation thrives.

Tensor integrates with many of the solutions institutions are using

Connect your campus to Tensor’s flexibility, ease of use, and ability to streamline every department.

Why choose TeamViewer?


Education is one of the most tightly regulated sectors in the world. TeamViewer steps up to the challenge.


Tensor is 100% device-agnostic. Students and teachers are enabled with any device and connection scenario.


There is nothing ‘make-do’ about Tensor. Remote or hybrid learning is always at premium levels of quality. No matter what.