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TeamViewer helps your manufacturing company achieve complete visibility of all your connected devices, troubleshoot technical issues remotely, and reduce downtime, time-to-response, and costs.

Discover the Power of End-to-End Digitization

Staying Competitive with IT-OT Convergence

IT-OT convergence integrates a manufacturing company’s processes with their extended digitalized ecosystem to ensure:

  • Increased agility and responsiveness
  • Complete asset visibility
  • Zero trust asset access
  • Operational efficiency
  • Reduced time to resolution

Manufacturing firms are a crucial component of the always-on global supply chain and downtime is never an option. End-to-end digitization enables manufacturing firms to stay competitive while ensuring their operational technology remains protected against emerging cyber threats.


TeamViewer Tensor for Manufacturing

Want a Basis to Discuss IT-OT Convergence in Your Company?

Download our infographic and get a great overview of TeamViewer Tensor - our highly scalable, cloud-based remote connectivity platform that provides a seamless integration of IT devices and OT assets across the entire value chain.

Clear Benefits for Manufacturing Companies

  • Centralize Real-Time Asset Visibility

    • Empower managers to oversee and deploy resources as needed 

    • Keep service teams updated on asset status 24/7

  • Enable Rapid Service Staff Response 24/7

    • Enable employees to inform the service desk of disruptions with ease

    • Support service staff remotely and speed up in-field repair and maintenance activities

  • Counteract Expert Scarcity

    • Collect data in real-time to build predictive maintenance modeling

    • Reduce technician fatigue and ensure effective and efficient leverage of the right resources

  • Speed Up Collaboration Securely

    • Empower teams across production functions to communicate in real-time, breaking down silos

    • Allow service personnel to instantly connect with customers to troubleshoot their issues remotely

Handle Security Concerns Head On

When considering IT-OT convergence, firms must move OT security upward in their risk portfolio. 

This eBook represents a great start for you when considering how to build up a reliable cyber security protocol for IT-OT convergence including details on three dimensions that manufacturing firms should reassess urgently:


  • Auditability 
  • Visibility
  • Governance 

Get a framework to safeguard your industrial systems and understand what security mechanism are available for TeamViewer’s remote connectivity solutions.  


So Many Use Cases for IT-OT Remote Connectivity

  • Remote Access & Support

    With remote access and control, operators or OEMs can access an edge device’s network ports through secure connections with full visibility of device performance, settings, user interfaces, and status.

  • Remote Operations

    One-click secure remote access to industrial assets allows instant service intervention to prevent machine downtime and financial losses caused by interrupted production.

  • Secure Attended Access

    Give control back to end-users when allowing remote operators to access the device for a support session. 

  • Device Management

    Use an inventory of all connected devices on a single platform to provision, authenticate, configure, maintain, and monitor them in bulk or by device group.

Bühler Offers Global Customers Remote OT Support

How does Bühler's support team define, monitor, and manage secure access to globally deployed field assets? 

Thanks to TeamViewer’s remote connectivity platform, more than 1,000 Bühler technicians remotely support the start-up and troubleshooting of globally spread-out food plants bringing down response times and saving travel costs.

The built-in logging and traceability of all support sessions also played a major factor in Bühler achieving the ISO 27001 cyber security certification.

Trimble Maximizes the Benefits of Precision Agriculture

The Trimble TMX 2050 display is found in large tractors and other farming machinery where it supports farmers by ensuring a more precise sowing and harvesting of their fields.  But what does a non-technical farmer do when the display suddenly needs an update or malfunctions?  

Trimble wanted to help farmers using their display overcome challenges presented by working in remote locations. They leveraged TeamViewer for users to connect immediately to a technician for support without the need for lengthy travel and costly downtime. 

Benzinger Brings Legacy Machines Under Remote Maintenance

German plant manufacturer Carl Benzinger GmbH was relying on remote support via TeamViewer. However, most of their legacy machines were not designed for internet access. 

Benzinger now uses a gateway IBH Link IoT with pre-installed TeamViewer software to remotely maintain legacy machines – enabling remote access to almost all plants anytime and from anywhere.

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