Amp up your customers’ security

90% of global IT leaders say they are falling short in addressing cyber risks.

This month’s hot topic…Security!

Your customers are already using TeamViewer’s Corporate licensing, a comprehensive remote access, control and support solution allowing them to remote into computers or mobile devices located anywhere in the world as if they were there.

But are you aware of the security features that become available when upgrading to TeamViewer Tensor? Complete with industry-grade security, Tensor protects your customers’ data with end-to-end encryption along with protocols that meet strict security certifications and compliance standards.

Beat the statistics! This cyber security month, take charge of your customer’s security strategy starting with TeamViewer Tensor – the essential enterprise secure network access solution.

Four ways TeamViewer Tensor can keep your customers’ business secure

Implement enhanced security

  • Provide an extra layer of security company-wide with two-factor authentication.
  • Authorize physical electronic devices for remote collaborators with smart card authentication.
  • Utilize network-wide client configuration for consistent application of roles and limits policies.
  • Harness next generation 4096-bit RSA and 256-bit AES session encryption capabilities with our industry-leading end-to-end encryption.

Leverage secure integrations

  • Bring your current tools and securely connect beyond your standard application to unlock even more premium integrated options that the competition may not offer.
  • Enhance support experiences for employees and customers by integrating add-ons through existing applications.
  • Simplify processes and optimize operations with an integrated view between applications for a seamless support experience.

Improved risk detection

  • Get comprehensive logging and reporting of all relevant user actions for GDPR requirements during remote control sessions.
  • Perform early risk detection with our enhanced monitoring of all attended and unattended devices and endpoints across all accounts.
  • Ensure greater visibility required for internal audits in accordance with local regulatory norms.

Centralized security management

  • Provide conditional access and prevent unauthorized entry through Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • Utilize brute-force protection and management with countermeasures against cyber-attacks, including AI-based network monitoring.
  • Standardize usage with smart automations for user management across your organization all in one place.

CANCOM and TeamViewer

A decentralized environment caused several security challenges for CANCOM:

  • Increased business costs due to repetitive manual processes.
  • Blocked access to security countermeasures due to inefficient management operations
  • Prevented cyber security compliance certifications due to inability to satisfy qualifying requirements.

Watch the video to see how TeamViewer helped CANCOM meet these challenges.

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