Vision Picking – Achieving Operational Excellence in Logistics

Understand what a vision picking solution is and how it helps companies in the logistics sector increase their overall operational efficiency while lowering error rates to almost zero.

Insights on the use cases, advantages, and the hardware and software needed for a vision picking solution that can redefine your logistic processes.

Augmenting Logistics and Warehousing

Speeds Up Logistics Processes by +25%

Vision picking solutions use smart glasses to display context-dependent information directly to order pickers in their field of vision. This technology has the potential to increase productivity in logistic processes by more than 25% with faster turnaround time and almost zero errors.

Supports Intuitive Workflows

The human brain identifies images in a matter of milliseconds and vision picking uses that to your advantage. Up to 80% of the information order pickers get from a vision picking solution is visual and context-specific, supporting them to find the right item faster and more reliably.

Improves Ergonomics

Pick-by-vision offers numerous benefits that increase the ergonomics of a workplace. First and foremost, pickers keep both hands free to do their job while receiving the information they need to find and pick the right items for each order.

Empower Your Pickers with AR Solutions

80% of deskless workers are not digitalized yet. We’re here to change that. We empower both managers and workers across the logistics industry with the right digital tools to ramp up their productivity, reach their goals, and boost their job satisfaction.

Vision Picking in Logistics and Warehousing

In logistics and warehousing time efficiency and error reduction play a vital role in staying competitive. This whitepaper outlines how a vision picking solution coupled with smart glasses increases productivity while decreasing errors in picking processes.

This whitepaper provides valuable insights into:

  • The documented advantages of vision picking for faster, more accurate logistics processes
  • How vision picking benefits order pickers
  • How order ensure a high user satisfaction with vision picking
  • Soft- and hardware requirements for vision picking
  • Implementation phases to consider when implementing vision picking
  • Which data security and industrial safety regulations to keep in mind when considering a vision picking solution

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