What is an Enterprise AR Platform for Remote Support?

Learn how AR is proving to be critical to making sure processes are followed and delivering productivity gains.

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1. Benefits of an Enterprise AR Platform for Remote Support

Use cases leveraging smart glasses such as aiding on-the-job training, resolving issues with input from a remote expert and real-time step-by-step task guidance are proving to be critical to making sure processes are followed and delivering productivity gains.

ABI Research forecasts that in 2024 there will be approaching eight million pairs of smart glasses in use by manufacturers across the globe, up from twelve thousand in 2015.

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2. Creating a Digital Thread with Augmented Reality

When digital tools like augmented reality (AR) are connected to existing systems and processes, enterprises can anticipate, effectively communicate, and share insights across different stakeholders. The shared knowledge collected from a digital thread can increase business resilience, improve the agility and independence of the frontline workforce, and even add to the competitive edge of the company.

3. Closing the Loop with SAP and TeamViewer

TeamViewer Frontline can now be integrated with the SAP Field Service Management system. The joint solution provides a closed loop of transmitting information for validation and verification from the customer site that processes have been followed and the task has been completed to the customers’ satisfaction. With SAP Field Management connecting with other SAP applications and solutions from other suppliers, the customer can develop a digital thread to obtain a detailed picture of its operations.

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