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Meet the NPOs already making a difference with TeamViewer

Join our growing community of impactful organizations benefiting from seamless support and security.

Bridging the gap

Empowering non-profits with connected solutions

Break down geographic barriers and power execution with seamless technology that works for everyone.

Funding and efficiency

Go beyond limitations

Volunteers coordinating fundraising campaigns from across the globe. Fundraising teams closing donor deals remotely. Field workers analyzing vital data on-the-go. By eliminating time and location barriers, TeamViewer empowers non-profits to maximize efficiency, secure funding, and amplify their impact, every step of the way.


Safeguard mission, reputation, and trust

Every minute spent fighting cyberattacks is a minute taken away from your mission. Donors and vulnerable clients trust you with their most sensitive data, and compliance mandates are crucial. TeamViewer helps non-profits to fortify their defenses, ensure privacy, and stay ahead of threats.


Be a destination for top talent

Hiring in today’s competitive landscape can be tough. TeamViewer unlocks the door to a wider talent pool and seamless collaboration, no matter where your team is. That means embracing flexible work models, onboarding new hires faster, and building more engaged teams.

Tech adoption

Bridge the technology gap

The world of non-profits is constantly evolving, demanding innovative solutions to stay ahead. But embracing new technology shouldn’t be a struggle. TeamViewer empowers you to seamlessly adopt cutting-edge solutions and revolutionize your impact, without technical bottlenecks.


Track and measure your impact

The pressure to demonstrate impact is never higher for non-profits. But technical glitches and downtime shouldn’t hold you back from delivering real results. Rely on TeamViewer to optimize performance, maximize uptime, and focus on showcasing your impact with data-driven reports that inspire trust and help secure vital funding.

Stability and scalability

Scale and adapt with confidence

Your mission knows no borders. But unreliable technology can limit your reach and impact. TeamViewer provides rock-solid 24/7 connections and global scalability, ensuring continuous IT support and access no matter the number of devices, locations, or types of workplaces (on-site or remote).

José Antonio Alcaraz IT Manager at Hospital Cruz Roja de Córdoba

“After testing other more complex, less efficient solutions, we decided to give TeamViewer a try. We were immediately convinced. In fact, we were increasingly satisfied and decided quickly to expand to additional user channels.”

Fuel your mission by connecting and collaborating from anywhere in the world — anytime.

Award-winning software for both individuals and companies

The Salvation Army Australia relies on TeamViewer Tensor to save time and costs while supporting workers

  • IT team can now provide remote access to the entire workforce of 10,000+ people
  • Improved average ticket processing times by 20%
  • Replaced legacy infrastructure and data center network without significant upfront capital investment

Why choose TeamViewer?


Leverage security certifications other solutions lack, including TISAX, HIPAA/HITECH, Sudcert ISO 9001, AICPA SOC 2 & 3, BITSIGHT, and more.


Flexible integrations make TeamViewer easy to use with minimal impact on business continuity during rollout. 100% device-agnostic and capable of supporting remote IT connections for any device and scenario.


Optimize performance, maximize uptime, and focus on showcasing your impact with data-driven reports that inspire trust and help secure vital funding. Fast and secure connectivity that your team can rely on and donors can trust.


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