Hero Highlight: Secure remote IT support

In a flash, you are connected

Turning big issues into no big deal — securely and remotely

Deliver support that’s even more supportive.

What you need to do

The secret to providing secure remote IT support? Start with the essentials. 

  • Lay the foundation for a strong security posture within your organization. 
  • Understand who interacts with your business and how they do it. 
  • Protect your colleagues, customers, and company at large.

If secure remote support still seems elusive to you (or your leadership team), go through our checklist.



What you need to have

First, understand what you need to do to securely support your organization. Then, find a solution that includes the features that will make it happen. This article details the essential features you need to keep your IT fleet safe.

We’re here to help you help others

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Who we support

From retail to finance, medical care, and beyond — TeamViewer is trusted to provide secure support at scale.

How we do it

Ready to create a secure support experience for your colleagues and customers?

TeamViewer Tensor can make it happen.

What we’ve achieved — so far

We’ve gained global recognition as a security, innovation, and usability leader.