May 14, 2020

Become more carbon neutral by standardizing remote work

  • Connect and support people
  • More and more companies have tried to become more environmentally friendly over the years. With the coronavirus pandemic, which led to lockdowns and social distancing, we’ve seen proof that global emissions can be radically decreased. What was once a big hope is now a realistic goal that all organizations can incorporate into their business plans.

    One small change can make all the difference: implementing remote work programs.

    We’re at a crossroads — if every company makes sustainability a priority, we can make a huge impact on Mother Earth.

    Prioritizing sustainability

    1. Minimize office space requirements with flexible workplaces

    Creating rotating work shifts to minimize office space requirements not only reduces operational costs, but also accommodates social distance guidelines, while saving travel costs.

    2. Reduce commuting with regular remote work schedules

    Commuting is the second largest source of greenhouse emissions in the US. By minimizing the number of commuting employees, we can dramatically decrease emissions, reducing office waste and energy consumption.

    3. Get an end-to-end remote access solution

    Provide all tools and software necessary to maximize your workforce productivity.

    “This unprecedented global pandemic really changed the mind-set towards remote work – not only regarding employee productivity and the related economic benefits – but it also reaffirmed the undeniable positive impacts on the environment.”

    Oliver Steil, CEO, TeamViewer

    How can companies benefit from enabling remote workforces?

    • Reduce operational and energy costs. Large office spaces are a big liability and a reasonable place to start cutting costs to save energy on lighting, heating, and air conditioning.
    • Accelerate business growth in 2020 and beyond by adding sustainability to your corporate values and messaging. Today, customers are more environmentally aware, aligning their morals and loyalty with products and services from eco-friendly companies.
    • Attract and retain talent easier from a bigger pool from anywhere in the world. With the right technology stack, your office location is merely an address — work can be done from anywhere.
    • Increase employee productivity. Employees working from home have shown greater productivity with higher engagement and fewer absences, if enabled with the right tools.
    • Maintain full flexibility and scalability whether you have a big project that requires collaboration with additional remote experts, or you need to scale your workforce up or down.

    What are the employee benefits of working remotely?

    • Decrease stress as remote employees avoid the hassle of commuting in traffic jams or crowded public transportation.
    • Reduce plastic waste as employees working from home tend to consume less packaged convenience food and drinks.
    • Minimize exposure to environmental hazards, pollution, and poor air quality which keeps employees healthier.
    • Maintain better work-life balance with more time to exercise and more time to spend with friends and family.

    Stay connected, stay social – even at a distance

    One of the biggest challenges is managing and maintaining positive team morale, so employees don’t feel isolated. And, for that, you need the right tools and guidelines in place.

    • Use collaboration tools and video conferencing to stay in touch
    • Stick to regular team meetings
    • Don’t forget the social aspect of work — schedule team breaks or even virtual happy hours to stay connected

    We’ve learned from history and past crises that companies must be able to adapt quickly to new circumstances to stay successful or risk falling behind.

    As we enter a “new normal” work landscape, TeamViewer has you covered for remote work, support, collaboration, and management of computers, machines, mobile devices, and anything you want to connect.

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