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Everything you need to know about the new Tensor experience

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No. We want the customers to choose the right time and how they want to roll out the new experience inside their organization.

You can apply policies to all devices or devices within your certain departments or organizations in your company that can use the new Tensor experience. Changing to a new Tensor experience happens at your pace and time of your choosing.

End users will see a 'toggle switch' in their Tensor client that will change over to the new Tensor UI for select or designated users that want to test and understand how the new Tensor helps accelerate their support processes and workflows.

No. The classical UI will still be supported when it comes to patches, fixes. However, new features and functionalities will be available on the new UI.

You can visit and test upfront.

No, there hasn't been a change in the pricing structure. With the new version of Tensor, you will receive all the new capabilities and functionalities, excluding MDM, which is available as an additional add-on.

Absolutely, the new Tensor experience is accessible on Windows and Mac, with plans for availability on major mobile platforms soon.

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