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Navigating Macroeconomic Storms with a Digital-First Strategy

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While facing challenges like technology complexity, cybersecurity, and talent management issues, tech leaders still must focus on IT modernization and integration on all systematic levels. To really evolve, they have to be a lot more strategic, very customer-centric, collaborative, ethically responsible, and super adaptive.

By addressing the challenges and embracing emerging tech trends, leaders in the technology sector can drive value and contribute to the overall success of their organization. They can then truly become value generators for their businesses.

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For AstraZeneca emerging technologies from the following categories will be particularly relevant: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Precision Medicine (so tailoring medical treatments to individuals based on their genetics, lifestyle, and environment), Augmented and Virtual Reality, the Internet of Things, as well as Robotics and Automation.

These are the emerging trends and technologies that also have the potential to shape up the future of the biopharmaceutical industry in general – although the pace of technology adoption and implementation may vary.

Augmented and Virtual Reality have lot of different use cases e.g., in medical training, patient education and simulation. This also pays into sustainability as it reduces travel by offering the possibility to easily connect remotely. TeamViewer offers a wide range of AR and VR solutions – you can learn more about AR, VR and MR here.

The Internet of Things is all around us already with devices like smart watches being used comprehensively. IoT devices are able to collect real-time data on a patient’s health. They can monitor adherence to medication regimes, enable remote patient monitoring, and by that improve patient care, clinical trials and drug safety.

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