CANCOM provides IT services for more than 20,000 customers worldwide. For this purpose, the company relies on TeamViewer’s enterprise connectivity suite Tensor.


CANCOM had been using TeamViewer Corporate for quite some time. However, this license was previously limited to a certain number of users and simultaneous remote sessions. This led to several challenges:

  • There were several parallel licenses and administrators and thus no transparent overview of costs, user access rights and remote sessions
  • Single-Sign-On was not possible with this setup
  • It was not possible to document support sessions, which is required to obtain ISO 27001 cybersecurity certification


CANCOM relies on TeamViewer Tensor, the solution for enterprise-level digital service processes. The Enterprise Connectivity Suite Tensor provides a transparent and functional platform that allows CANCOM to maintain an overview at all times.

Dominic Wiedemann Partner Account Specialist at CANCOM

“At CANCOM, we act and think consistently in the interests of our customers.”